32 responses to “split stitched felt leaves”

  1. roberta

    I have featured these beauties on my new website. Love them, and can’t wait to work some up myself!


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  4. G-Mom

    I’ve just stumbled on to felting and love your leaf projects. I am interested in the sweater shoulder bag you referenced for leaf applique. Have you posted instructions for the bag? If not, would you be willing to. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  5. livefreerange

    These look great!
    I help to run a Girl Guide unit in the UK and we are looking for things the girls can make for our Christmas fair… think I will be adding these to the list.

    thanks for the inspiration

  6. Carolyn (Harbor Hon)

    Oh! I think this is my favorite right now. I’m always up for making pretty things and you’ve topped the list right now. I think even my sister’s grandson would love to do this. He’ll be able to decorate her house during this beautiful Fall. Thanks for sharing such an easy way to make something special. xxoo

  7. Linda

    Hi Lisa,

    I shared your leaf tutorial with my readers, love it!



    Fektin Craft Gossip

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  9. Jane Rowley

    I love your darling leaves!!! They are so cute and what clever ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Annie

    Wow! I really love all these ideas!

  11. Tammie

    your leaves are wonderful and I love how you do so much with them!

  12. Umatji

    great idea! I love it – just have to remember for autumn!

  13. Enikő

    Such a great idea! And those leaves are simply beautiful.

  14. Linda

    These leaves are so beautiful!

  15. The Magic Onions

    I love them all! I have ‘sewaphobia’ but seeing these makes me want to get out my one needle and give it a go.
    Just lovely!
    Blessings and magic.

  16. Laurie N

    You are a craft goddess! I consider a good craft day when my youngest builds fortresses out in the sand pile and my eldest composes something on the computer. Maybe someday…for now the garden eats up too much time, but we eat up a lot of garden, so I guess that’s how it works. 😉

  17. Dawn

    Those are splendid! I love the headband and garland!
    Happy Fall!! :)

  18. tara

    All fabulous ideas for your beautiful leaves. I LOVE the bag idea and the garlands are so pretty. It’s a nice way to keep the color and feeling of autumn in your home year round!

  19. Jennifer (Baklava Queen)

    What wonderful ideas you have! I am always finding good tips and fun ideas here, some of which I want to share with my nephews. Thanks!

  20. Beth

    Thanks for a rich selection of ideas for your beautiful oak leaves! I love this posting! Beth

  21. mary

    oh I love this crown! “rushes over to felt stash…”

  22. Emma

    The leaves are just beautiful and goodness – so many ideas! I think the little ladies’ headbands are my favourite – or maybe the applique, or the gathering bag. Eeek, they’re ALL lovely

  23. Becca

    Oooooh, love them! I’ve been busy making maple leaves out of felt for our nature table and a fall banner as well. I’ll have to add your oak leaf now!

    Love that sweater bag! Have you blogged about that? I would love to make one!

  24. Melissa

    Your leaves are sew pretty and I too enjoy the suggestions but that last bag, a repurposed felted sweater? Is gorgeous!

  25. Jane

    So many good ideas!

  26. debra

    adorable…love it all:)

  27. nicola

    very very cute and creative!

  28. Stacy

    I really like your felt leaves and enjoyed reading all of your suggestions for how to use them. The bookmark is a great idea, and so it the gathering bag. Thank you!

  29. kyndale

    I love them. And I love the colors you picked. Especially the blue to go with the others. I have some felt that I wanted to do a felt leaf garland. Haven’t gotten to it yet. The embroidered veins is a very nice touch.

  30. Mon

    I like them as appliques. Pumpkin cookies? yum.

  31. alisha

    i really do love these leaves!