5 responses to “Sew a Split Stitch”

  1. Carolyn (Harbor Hon)

    What a great teacher you are! I never would have thought I could do this, but you make it so easy to understand. Even my sister would be able to teach her grandson. He loves crafts and makes her things all the time. xxoo

  2. hifa

    very clear instructions..thanks for delivering this to us..I also consider demonstrations of simple embroidery stitches..
    keep coming other stitches..

  3. nicola

    i just finished my very first embroidery project and i used the back stitch. i think i should have used a split stitch, but i am still very please. you can tell when the darn thing is supposed to be and that is a start, right? :)

  4. debbie

    you are so good to us…thank you!!! even i can follow this!

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