23 responses to “handmade holidays- simple flannel shawl”

  1. Shawntanet Jara

    I’m making the shawls right now! I’m having trouble with fraying the ends that are “opposite” of the fabric grain. Is there a trick to making this happen? Thanks sooooo much!

  2. Handmade Holiday: From the Kitchen « Ordinary Life Magic (Too.)

    […] things we’re thinking to tuck into the baskets are lip balm, flannel shawls (from Lisa at 5OrangePotatoes), fresh and homemade loaves of bread, cocoa or hot chocolate mix (if […]

  3. Carolyn (Harbor Hon)

    Oh yes! Definitely something I would love to make. My family is Scot too and I’ve seen some of these beautiful shawls but never knew how to go about making them. You’ve done it again! Thanks for teaching me something new and special. I always love coming here and learning from you. You’re the best! xxoo

  4. Christie

    I read her post on these as well. They look darling on your kids. I may have to get around to making them for my girls as well. :) I wasn’t exactly clear what type of fabric to buy.

  5. Ivy

    This looks easy enough for me to try. I think my mom might like it. Thanks.

  6. 6Phillips

    What a great idea! I have been trying to think of gifts for the women in my family. This is a wonderful idea, I think i may embellish the edges a bit to make them “fancy”. What fun..

  7. Laurie N

    Pretty, pretty, pretty! I could use one of these – it’s gotten so cold lately! I’m sooooo not ready for winter.

  8. alisha

    love, love, love. i will need to bookmark this so I can make some of my own!

  9. Beth

    Those shawls look so super cozy! I too am thinking about what I will be making for Christmas presents. Christmas is extra fun and exciting when I give homemade things! love, Beth

  10. Joy

    Those are really cute! I love the owl-y fabric. I bet the flannel really stays put on your shoulders too instead of slipping off like some shawl fabrics. Very cool!

  11. Sarah

    Thank you for the reminder about One Pretty Thing! I’d lost my link to them.

    Those shawls look lovely. And we have a need for shawls – or down coats – right now. Grrr.

  12. jane

    great idea. your little models are too cute! happy week lisa!

  13. nicola

    i love handmade holidays and reading all about what people are making, but too many people i gift to read my blog, so i can only offer sneak peeks and no information, which does no good to the people wanting ideas for what they should be making! thanks for sharing yours! i like your warning to your sisters!

  14. Ug

    Great project for a cold, rainy day at home! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Bona Fide Mama

    those are fantastic!!

  16. Dawn

    Those shawls are great! I love the little drawing that your daughter made of you. :)

  17. Punky's Mamma

    Your sisters are SO peeking right now. 😉

  18. Anet

    Very nice! These will be wonderful gifts. I love to wear old flannel shirts. :)
    I bet these shawls are so cozy!
    I’m starting on handmade gifts too, knitting wool caps and embroidered towels.

  19. tara

    Oh I could have used one these this weekend… it was cold and rainy!

    The shawls are fantastic :) It is time to start thinking about my handmade holiday gifts.

  20. Rachel

    Wow, those are beautiful! What wonderful gifts. I have GOT to find time to do this one. You just reminded me how excited I was about these last year.

  21. Stephanie

    Mmmm, great idea!
    We’re making gift baskets this year, a shawl or two would be a lovely addition to some of our baskets!

  22. Kimara

    I know that they are so addicting to make… and wear!!! Beautiful. I love using flannel. I hadn’t thought of using flannel. I would definitely zigzag that fringe… it will probably fray a lot. Have fun and I’ll be linking our Facebook page here!