28 responses to “sewing with children WIP”

  1. Melissa

    So Cute little dolls!!

  2. MUS

    love this post! what a fun. you must be proud!

  3. nicola

    oh, i love them!

  4. Ivy

    They are so creative. I love that they chose to do this instead of begging you to go buy them something. Clearly you are parenting them well. And, by the way, I love the fabric she chose for her backpack — very cute!

  5. Robin

    Araina!!! Please make me a mouse!!!!

  6. Christie

    Their dolls are so sweet. I just love them. I wish I knew how to sew. Maybe I just need to jump in like your girls. Especially because I would love it if Cali could learn with me. 😉

  7. Jessica

    I saw these darling little creations earlier this evening & I just had to come back and comment. I love, love, love the first little lady and her array of fashions! And, of course…the little owls. And, the mousie.

    So dear! :)

  8. sarah in the woods

    These are so cute! Great job girls! Miah mentioned today that she hasn’t sewn anything for a while. I’ll have to show her this.

  9. Emily

    Of course she’s a wonderful handsewer. Look who her mama is!

    By the way, the tea zapped all of my symptoms! I was afraid you and your girls were taking the syrup by itself. It tastes pretty raisin-y to me! Mixed with the tea it was wonderful. Thanks for the tips!

  10. cindy

    How creative you are! Thanks for the comment on my blog. N. Dakota has not been hit with the recession as the other states have. If you don’t like freeze your butt off cold winters, that isn’t the place to go! They said it was even a MILD winter when I was there, hate to feel what it usually was like. Anyway, thanks again for stopping by my blog.
    Have a good day,

  11. debra

    Oh i just love childrens hand sewing and only recently was having a conversation about the lack of hand crafts in our schools here. Some have them but only usually if a mother like myself offers to do this. Our youngest went to a RS school for 5 years but unfortunately there were too many problems and i really believed it need not be so hard, plus she was asking for more. What wonderful foundations you are building for your children. Love those owls …too cute…oh and i am going to get my daughter to try the cinnamon roll recipe…we love cinnamon rolls…gorgeous work girls :)

  12. pennie

    oh my, i love this. how cool is that. i can’t wait until my son can design and make his own projects like that. nice work!!

  13. Lynda Halliger-Otvos

    Incredible! You can be so proud of your ways of being a mom when this is what you get for rewards; lovely to look at-best to live it. May your kids continue to be in this world as wondrous giving compassionate models of gratitude and generosity. All that comes through in your blog-stay the course. You are beautiful to share these parts of your life with us.

  14. Mom and Kiddo

    no patterns? no direction? Their skills are way beyond mine, as is their super cute creativity! I’m loving the hair in the top photo — and that she chose red!

  15. Kat

    how cute everything is. they definately have their mom and grandma’s creativity!
    I don’t think Fauna is allowed to let go of her little girl pink!

  16. Sarah

    Love the owls and the photographs you took of them!

  17. tara

    The dolls and owls are so cute. They have their Mama’s
    crafty gene!

  18. Ju

    They are adorable. I can’t believe an eight year old girl can sew and I can’t. What a fantastic skill to have for life.
    BTW I wrote that on the follow up of your comment:

    @5 orange potatoes: I knew it! I went to a Rudolf Steiner School in São Paulo, Brazil. We used to do a lot of the art and crafts, same as you do with your daughters. Lovely memories.

    Ju :)

  19. Lisa Crowe

    Oh my gosh I love those dolls!!! And the owls are really just too cute!!!! Goose and I have taken up embroidery!! We love it! We are going to start working on her Halloween costume with grandma next weekend! She is so excited to use a sewing machine. She asked for one for christmas! Fauna’s backback looks great! Even Binky has taken up sewing by hand! Not surprising since Daddy does all the darning and mending in the house!

    sigh… they are growing up, aren’t they?!
    Hope all is well!

  20. erin

    oh, I LOVE them! You must be so proud:)

  21. The Magic Onions

    Too sweet… just love them all. It’s going to be like the drawings in our house… K has drawn so many lovely scenes that I can’t possibly throw ANY away… the entire office is wallpapered with her drawings. Those little ladies of yours are making treasures that you’ll keep forever. I have just had a flash of your Christmas tree covered in their enchanting creations… lovely!

  22. Stephanie

    Anything that makes a Mama’s heart go pitterpat is alright with me!

  23. Lise

    Those dolls are fabulous!

    I took Lucy out foraging for goldenrod this evening; filled the basket of the stroller. It’s hanging to dry…


  24. Michelle

    Wow your children are talented!! Such a wonderful family of artists you have :-)

  25. Joy

    Those are all so adorable! Thanks for sharing, Lisa. :) Elizabeth has a sewing kit on her Christmas list and this mama couldn’t be happier about that fact. Isn’t it just wonderful to be able to pass the delight of handwork on to the next generation?

  26. renee @ FIMBY

    love it! I just love children’s hand sewing. We have A LOT of it around here.

  27. Punky's Mamma

    Wow – that IS a lot of hand sewing!! And soooooooooo cute every little piece of it!

  28. Tammy

    Oh Araina, these are simply DARLING. I’m thinking this is not the work of a little lady…more the work of a young woman! Great job!

    And Fauna, I can’t wait to see your backpack. :)