29 responses to ““feel better” herbal wreath”

  1. The Magic Onions

    So stunning!!!
    Blessings and magic.

  2. Michelle

    What a great idea!! After sniffling for a few days with a cold myself, I feel better just looking at these!

  3. Kat

    I need a feel better wreath, wish I had two little healers in my home!

  4. Ju

    Great idea. I wondered if you know Weleda homeopathy ? Or is connected to Rudolf Steiner philosophy?
    Let me know :)

  5. tara


  6. Louise

    Well done litle ladies, they look fabulous and I really hope you are all feeling better.

  7. Jane

    They are so creative! Very beautiful.

  8. Juanita

    *sniff* I can smell the lovely herbs already! What a great way to lift the spirits up as well.

  9. Mom and Kiddo

    Such a lovely idea and the results are beautiful. I feel better just looking at them. Is there such a thing as a “sweet dreams” wreath? I really need that, too! :)

  10. nicola

    beautiful wreathes. what a lovely activity. thank you for sharing (the idea, too)!

  11. Carolyn (Harbor Hon)

    Your girls are so creative. Even without smelling them I feel better just looking at them. Thank them both for making such pretty wreaths and thank you, Lisa, for taking the time to show us the pictures. xxoo

  12. renee @ FIMBY

    So pretty Lisa. Your girls are developing such talent. Isn’t it fun to watch our children unfold and blossom so beautifully!

  13. Joy

    They did a wonderful job with their feel-better-wreaths. How could you NOT feel better with such lovely, yummy-smelling wreaths around? :)

  14. cyndi

    they are both gorgeous. the ladies did a spectacular job. and by the way, how do you dry your herbs to be used in teas etc?

  15. Bona Fide Mama

    that is such a lovely idea.

  16. Stephanie

    You know I love these!
    They are absolutely gorgeous, with a bit of magic, to boot!
    I suspect that you’ll all be feeling especially Fine tomorrow.

  17. Lisa

    Those are beautiful! Maybe I need one of those. I’ve had a terrible cough for over a week now.

  18. Sarah

    So pretty and such a sweet idea.

  19. Sam

    I love your herb wreaths. So many wonderful herbs :-)

    I’ve made a tiny start on growing my own herbs, and I’m inspired to get bolder!

  20. Emily

    These are great! I love things that are both pretty and functional. Most of my friends in our house (five of them) are sick with colds and we have been drinking Echinacea tea. I also just bought some elderberry syrup from the store and am going to prepare the tea and syrup together later. I’m not sure where some berries are nearby otherwise I would make my own. How do you take your syrup? Is it sweetened? The stuff I bought smells pretty bitter.

  21. Lise

    Beautiful! I’d love to see your herb garden; must be huge!

  22. Teena(funkymommy)

    What a great idea. I am going to get some herbs at the next Farmer’s Market and make one. I noticed your blog has a lot of herbal healing techniques. Is there a book you recommend to learn about the remedies?

  23. kyndale

    I need one of those!! They look so beautiful and I bet they smell amazing.

  24. Jessica


    When I saw the title of this post, I just had to stop by & see it. I love your little ladies’ beautiful feel better wreaths…they are gorgeous! Seeing the wreath form and the pins reminded me of my childhood. Did I ever tell you my parents owned a flower shop when I was a child?

    Tell your little ladies the wreaths not only helped cheer your family, but my little household as well. :)


  25. Erin

    I need one of those!!!

  26. Sherry

    They are beautiful!

  27. jess

    This is so inspiring.
    I am loving your posts about herbs. I am going to plan a medicinal herb garden for next year.
    I have all winter to plan so I think it can happen!

  28. sarah in the woods

    I love these. They are beautiful. Good job girls!

  29. Tammy

    Those are so pretty!