18 responses to “goldenrod history and medicine”

  1. shawna

    what a pretty and informative post! definitely loving your yellows. thanks for stopping by to see mine!

  2. Mona

    Ah, this is good to know. I’ve never used goldenrod for any medical purposes, but I dye with it. I love the powerful yellow it makes. Also very god for overdyeing with blue – creates a beautiful green. I ought to dry some for tea – thanks for the inspiration!! :)

  3. renee @ FIMBY

    good grief. how do you know so much! I’m always amazed and your photos are stunning Lisa.

  4. Forrest

    More herbal goodness, I love it. I always thought it would be cool to name a child Solidago, kinda like Soledad.

  5. Melissa

    The pictures are lovely. I actually just took a beautiful photo of goldenrod on Sunday and when I looked at it at home it had a bee. So nice. But I digress. The fields here are alive with Goldenrod, actually they may be dying with it as it has been in bloom for what seems like forever. It has been a few years since I read about it but I remember you could dye with it? I’ll have to look that up. I am definitely going to try your aches and pain oil though.

    You just cannot tell people that ragweed and goldenrod are not one in the same as far as allergens go, I have tried lol.

    Lovely post.

  6. cyndi

    yet another great post! i am in love with your blog! thank you.

  7. tara

    Beautiful pictures Lisa. Thanks for including the goldenrod packet :)

  8. jane

    great post lisa! as i was reading i kept thinking, “i did not know that”… and the first photo is gorgeous!! have a great week- and i´m glad everyone is feeling better!

  9. Sybille

    Great! We talked about the Boston Tea Party just a few weeks ago :))
    Very nice pictures!

  10. The Tan Family - Syrendell

    I love Susun Weed, too! We use Goldenrod essential oil now and then. It’s really different. What a beautiful, autumn post. :)

  11. Val

    Awwww… there you are! I have been looking at the other two blogs waiting for new posts and I finally found you. :) Wonderful!

    Good to be reading you again.




  12. tia

    Just starting homeschooling this Fall and happened upon your magical and amazing site ! Love the Goldenrod , must find out if it grows in Southern California. Thank you !!

  13. Annie

    Love you! Thanks for all these great herbal posts!

  14. Jane

    Very interesting-we have a ton of goldenrod in our yard.

  15. debbie

    I’ve been admiring the goldenrod around here and am so happy to know more about it! thanks lisa!

  16. Lise

    Thanks for this! I’d read only last week that goldenrod could be a tea; had no idea. Your information is great. I’m going to gather some tomorrow!

  17. Laurie N

    Thanks for sharing this posting! I was just explaining to my husband that “No, the goldenrod I have in the butterfly garden is not making his allergies worse”.

    What kind of camera do you have? Your pictures are lovely. I’m due for a new camera – mine is five (six?) years old and is showing its age.

  18. Carolyn (Harbor Hon)

    What fantastic pictures! You must have all kinds of bugs where you are. Like that first one … never seen a bug like that before. What’s it called? I know it’s not a bee, but the second one is. Sometimes bugs make me feel icky, but that one is really pretty.

    Thanks for sharing the lore about goldenrod. I knew some about it, but your explanation is much more for the layman; which I appreciate. Thanks for always sharing your knowledge. xxoo