19 responses to “pokeweed painting”

  1. Jessica

    I’ve been photographing pokeweed at Wildwood and didn’t know what it was! It’s lovely…the berries are so, so pretty.

    I love visiting your blog, I learn so much. If you go to Georgia…will we have similar plants? I bet not. :(

    Don’t go, neighbor!!!!

  2. Bona Fide Mama

    I’ve been inspired to go hunt in my own yard! Thanks!

  3. Joy

    What do you know! We have lots of that growing on the fence between our yard and the horse pasture and I never knew what it was! I think I spy an activity in the making. Thanks! :)

  4. Robin

    Very cool that the Declaration was written with it! It totally makes since they used it to write letters during the war.

  5. tara

    The history behind the uses of pokeberry ink are fascinating ~ who knew? LOL

    The color is a brilliant red ~ very cool :)

  6. Stephanie

    Hmmmmm…. as usual, our plants around here are much different than yours, but what a great idea to mash some things up to see what color of paints and dyes we can come up with!
    Thanks so much, as usual!

  7. kyndale

    Wow, it is a beautiful pink color! I love the history of it! I’m glad you are working through the virus you have. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge. It’s always a pleasure reading your posts.

  8. Juanita

    Pokeberry painting! Now that’s something new to me. Does it fade with time?
    Good to know that your little one’s feeling a wee bit better.

  9. Sybille

    Great inkberry work!

  10. cate

    well, how cool is that? i had no idea! we have a few more years before we can delves into the inkberries. that color is gorgeous. do you dye cloth with it? care to elaborate?

  11. dongdong

    Glad Rainy is feeling better… catching up on reading your posts. I’ll have to keep our eyes open for pokeberry. What an interesting name.

  12. debbie

    Looks like you all had some fun with this! Thank you for the link – it makes a sweet circle right back to you and your elderberries – love that.
    I’m glad to hear Araina is feeling better…

  13. gardenmama

    Wow, your blog looks so new since I last came to visit!
    What a fun activity it reminds me of when we made watercolor paints with flowers!
    Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better!

  14. Tan Family - Syrendell

    Painting with pokeberry! Fabulous idea. Now, I just need to find some pokeberry…. :)

  15. nicola

    poor babe!
    the berry inking is so cool! i love nature based dyes!

  16. Toni

    we have tons of pokeberry in our woods and all over. It is wonderful for dye thats for sure. you can also put it in coldcream for some face painintg, just avoid mouth and eyes.

  17. Pumpkinbear

    Oh, roseola–bleh! Willow had that when she was about nine months old, just after we’d found out from her pediatrician that her lead level was high and I had to fly back to my parents’ house with her for a couple of weeks while Matt and some friends sealed off and scoured our rental (what a nightmare! And the rental company was awful about it!). Anyway, I was worried about that, and stressed about living with my parents for a couple of weeks and caring for the baby by myself, and then she gets this AWFUL rash!!! And a fever!!! And I call Matt, and I’m all, “The baby is falling apart!”

    She turned out fine, of course.

  18. Carolyn (Harbor Hon)

    Glad you’re all feeling better. We used to have these bushes growing in the back when we lived in Pasadena, MD. We were children then and didn’t know what they were, but I remember the mean boys who smashed them all over the little blonde girl’s hair. And I remember the boy who was stung in the eye because he yanked some off a bush where a bee’s nest was. Always loved the color though. Thanks for sharing your great herbal lore with us. xxoo

  19. Jane

    I LOVE the color of that inkberry! Glad you’re all feeling a bit better.