17 responses to “red clover tea (nitrogen)”

  1. Bill Stockmann

    Hi All,

    My naturopath suggested that I have two cups of Red Clover Tea. One in the morning and one at night. She said that my toxicity level is too high and that this will help. Do you agree that this tea will help me?


  2. Alice

    Oh, we love red clover tea! Our method for steeping loose tea is to use a French press. :)

  3. MODsquad

    Oh, wow! What great info! I’m trying to remember where I’ve seen these little guys growing. Never even knew their name… thank you!

    Hope you guys have had a good summer!

    Happy September!

  4. Holly

    My dd & I gathered the clover & peppermint leaves we have yesterday & made this. It was a lot of fun & tasted great! We recently found elderberry bushes & made elderberry syrup, too-so I am feeling like nature woman lately-love it! Thanks for all the info you share! Holly

  5. Annie

    I love your herbal posts! I happened to have published a post today about your inspiring me… Thank you! <3

  6. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    My girls like to eat clovers too. I should have made them tea! But now the flowers are just about gone. Well, something to look forward to.
    Also, my girls have been playing “paper dolls” for days, inspired by Little House on the Prairie. I love the clothes from your sisters set!

  7. Emily

    Araina is so adorable! I love her eyes in that first picture. When I make loose leaf tea, I put it in a little mesh basket and pour hot water over it. I then remove the basket when the tea is ready. I haven’t had any trouble with the tea floating to the top of the cup and getting out of the basket (which has an open top).

  8. Patricia

    Mmmm, I’m trying! White clover can also?
    I discover more new things about tea … so fun!

    ps. I often check what the translator translated, but he does well:)

  9. Lisa DaeGorn

    We have strainers that fit on the rim of the tea pot or cup and we put the loose tea in with honey or raw sugar. That way you just remove the strainer. Have been to Teavana.com? We have two in Las Vegas and have to watch the spending every time we go. I wish we had red clover, I will have to grow some next year! We do have mint and I love the fresh tea from it, so dose Rion!

  10. Stephanie

    Oh, I want lots of clover!
    I have some, but Annabelle has access to it, so….

    Hopefully next year I”ll figure out a place that will be safe.

  11. Joy

    What a priceless picture of Araina! The red clover and peppermint sounds delicious. :)

  12. tara

    The first pic is cracking me up! If red clover gives you this much energy and enthusisam, I want some :)

  13. Christie

    I have to save this for next year as ours are gone. Too cold. :(

  14. Carolyn (Harbor Hon)

    Have seen those everywhere, but never knew they were called red clover. I’m learning so much from you. I’ve never used loose tea, always the bag (which I heard somewhere defeats the purpose of a flavorful tea). But it’s what I can afford. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

  15. nicola

    i LOVE that first photo!

  16. kyndale

    Looks fun! Have you seen this game? Amelia wants to get it.

  17. sarah in the woods

    Mmm – looks good. I especially like the sound of that first benefit!