14 responses to “Shakespeare and herbal fairy brooms”

  1. nicola

    i loved a midsummer night’s dream the several different times it crossed my path in school!

  2. Ivy

    1) I am so impressed you are reading Shakespeare to your kids. I love the bard, but never considered that the kids would enjoy it. Have you found a kid friendly/high illustrated version or are you going full on?
    2) Those brooms are adorable. How creative you are!
    3) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. kyndale

    I love your projects. So simple, sweet and meaningful. I haven’t thought about reading Shakespeare to my kids. That sounds like fun too.

  4. Robin

    nice grumpy monster Tina :)

  5. Kat

    what a great way to sweep out bad luck and angry red moods!

  6. dongdong

    very lovely…will have to remember this when I get to Shakespeare. Though you make it look so fun we might take a sneak peak. :)

  7. Shady Lady

    What clever little cleaning tools!

  8. latisha

    oh i just love love love you more every day!

  9. debbie

    Lisa, are you reading excerpts from the plays with them, or have you found “shakespeare for kids”-type of resources? E just went to see Comedy of Errors and just loved it – I think she’d enjoy more, but don’t want to overwhelm OR dumb-down, if you know what I mean…

    oh, yeah, and these brooms are AWESOME. i can almost smell them from here…

  10. Punky's Mamma

    I think the pics look great! Photo editing is muchos fun.

    I just ADORE those wee brooms – and I bet they do smell devine!

  11. Christie

    You should host a fairy, wildflower craft class. Or something like it. :)
    It looks like a magical moment.
    Be sweet.

  12. The Tan Family - Syrendell

    Oh wow…this is fabulous! It can be tricky to teach Shakespeare to children. What a nice way to help them remember the story. Very creative, Lisa! :)

  13. Lisa

    Oh, just tell her that extra pink makes her look like she’s glowing with health and happiness.
    Your fairy brooms are very pretty. I bet they smell nice too.

  14. angela

    i think the brooms are completely enchanting, as well as the vibrance feature!
    and her face is lovely pink! 😉
    if you dont mind my asking, i’d love to know what photo editing program you are using.
    i have a mac, and have grown tired of the simple i photo version i have been using.
    i’d really like to start toying with my photos, and need to figure out the watermark thing since i am wanting to start a little home based photography business.
    thanks so much for all that you share, your creativity is absolutely inspiring and beautiful to see! <3