29 responses to “felt fairy house (wip)”

  1. Faith Lennox

    May I please have a copy of the pattern for this tree? My daughter would LOVE it for our Nature Table. Faith

  2. spring has sprung | 5 Orange Potatoes

    […] finally got a little creative on Sunday after a week of not sewing.  See the little tree house in the pic below? I’m going to make bigger ones using sweaters and felt for the Hootenannies […]

  3. nicola

    that is fantastic!

  4. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    What a cozy little fairy house. So sweet! I love the leaf roof!

  5. gardenmama

    So very sweet Lisa : )

  6. Katherine

    Oh, that is so adorable!

  7. Sybille

    Your work is much inspiring! We have never tried to work with felt before, I think now the time has come to do it. The fact is, I don’t love sewing at all, but looking at this, mumble mumble…
    Both of my boys love fairis, elves, gnomes, trolls and all that, you know :)

  8. Nicole

    Oh, how wonderful! My son has a family of tomtens that would like this!

  9. kyndale

    That looks very fun! I would love to crawl in there right now and take little snooze!

  10. The Magic Onions

    Lisa!! That’s too gorgeous! I love it so much. Perhaps I should have a try at making one for K… she’d LOVE it.
    Blessings and magic.

  11. Annie

    It’s absolutely beautiful, Lisa! I reminds me of a little cloth tree house I played with as a kid with little squirrel people!

  12. kelleyn

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. The pancake was actually a corncake. It was tasty made with red peppers and scallions.

  13. April

    Very cute, Lisa. I May just have to try something like this someday…when my craft to-do list is just a little shorter.

  14. dongdong

    very whimsical…like it very much.

  15. The Tan Family - Syrendell

    We are obsessed with wee folk, too! I love this idea. Thank you for sharing another one of your inspirational creations! :)

  16. Marina

    Oh my goodness, that is absolutely adorable!

  17. sarah

    That is beautiful! I used to make fairies and gnomes, and the fairies had fleece dresses that needed combing and combing to get just right … and the gnomes required delicate stitching … oh goodness, I’m almost glad my dd grew out of them! But I never made anything as clever as this tree. And I never saw anyone else do so either. You make me itch for my felt stash again …

  18. sarah in the woods

    Darling! I would love to see your Wee Folk.

  19. Shady Lady

    Your feltiness always amazes me!

  20. pink and green mama MaryLea

    So cute!! I’m thinking I’ll have to make a couple for our fairy table (used to be my coffee table) Great job, I’m sure the girls love it. I wish we lived closer so our kiddos could have playdates while we worked on crafts and sipped tea….sigh.

  21. Jane

    Very sweet little house. I know what you mean about the Wee Folk. I used to make them and then got tired of wrapping those pipe cleaners too. I have one that I was making that’s just sitting in a bag unfinished. I’m thinking about trying them out again this fall though.

  22. Melissa

    Because I didn’t have enough things to make the little one for Christmas! 😀 Lovely house and I cannot wait to see more from you!

  23. renee @ FIMBY

    This is such a sweet fairy house.

  24. Jessica

    That is darling…more precious than anything I’ve seen in Magic Cabin!!

    Benjamin set up a little fairy table in a corner of our flower bed the other day. He found a dried up mushroom “cup” and filled it with hibiscus seeds for them to snack on; he also gave them a few nasturtium seeds. The hibiscus seeds were missing the following morning, but they didn’t care for the nasturtium–perhaps too peppery!

  25. Patricia

    What a lovely fairy house!!!

  26. Lisa

    That is so cute!

  27. Christie

    I think you could sell them. hint, hint. Cali would adore it. I HAVE GOT TO LEARN TO SEW! :)

  28. Sybil

    Woooow! I LOVE this! Ya knowww, I have a birthday coming up next month! Speaking of which, Natalie has most of Fauna’s birthday present with her in Ohio right now. I am WAY busy catching up now while they’re gone!

  29. debbie

    Sigh – I love this! I’ve been thinking about little peg people – I wonder if I would lose my mind creating something like this for them to live in?