20 responses to “Cardboard Book Making”

  1. Jennifer Perkins

    What a clever idea. I too have trouble throwing out cardboard. Seems like the minute I put it in the recycling bin I think of a use for it. Plus so many boxes have cute graphics like these bunny treats. I made cupcake wrappers out of a cereal boxes awhile back they came out really cute.

  2. Holly

    Another excuse for recycling box diving, yay! Hopefully a trip to the thrift store will find us some binder rings. And boy and I will be very very busy tonight.

  3. Kristin

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing, I’m always looking for “re-using” crafts.

  4. juana abregú

    Great idea Lisa! I too love cardboard, and I was thinking about it to make tags. Have a nice day!

  5. Ju

    I can’t believe I found this blog. Absolutely love everything about it. All the tips, the art and craft, the pictures, and of course your girls. Being a mum of two myself, this is heaven to read. :))

  6. Mom and Kiddo

    We love making books so will have to try this. A great idea. Thanks!

  7. nicola

    lisa! for ALL of august (and half of september) my reader never refreshed telling me you had new posts. for some reason, today, i decided i had better click through. and now i see i have loads of posts to catch up on! ack!
    well, you have been missed, even though you apparently never left!

  8. Lisa DaeGorn

    I think some one likes horses! From the horse nut, me!

    PS my husband just sent me the news that he is being offered a job in TN, Oak Ridge.

  9. kyndale

    Great idea Lisa!

  10. Juanita

    Oh I cannot bear to throw out or recycle cardboard boxes as well :) I have a huge stack of tea and cookie boxes.
    This notebook idea is fantastic. I have been making tags (gift tags) out of some boxes :)

  11. Shady Lady

    What a fun idea. We will definitely have to try this!

  12. Sarah

    Oh, that’s a cute idea! My girls LOVE notebooks. We go through them very fast – this is a good idea for the next ones.

  13. Stephanie

    ps Prob’ly my picture looks like me.

  14. Stephanie

    Great idea!
    I’ve seen a couple of things now that I want to do with those rings… gotta put them on the list in my head! :)

  15. Rachel

    Fun and easy, I love it! And now I’m craving some Annies Mac and Cheese. I haven’t tried the fruit treats yet. Yum!

  16. Joy

    We’ve done that in the past too. Fun project! We’ll have to do it again soon. We certainly have enough cardboard around most of the time. Funny that you used the Annie’s bunny fruit snacks. Those are single-handedly responsible for potty-training Finn. :)

  17. Pumpkinbear

    We looooooove book rings, too! We make our recycled books quite often with record album covers and, yep, the occasional cereal box.

  18. Erin

    Such a good idea! Awhile back the boys drew pictures on the inside of a cheddar bunnies box, we mailed it to them, and they sent a sweet thank you letter in response along with magnets and coupons. :)

    Btw.. not sure if you read my response to your response, but we’re still in Ohio!

  19. Jane

    Thanks for another good idea. Lisa, I have a question for your creative mind- what can I do with tiger lily stalks? Any craft ideas?

  20. Punky's Mamma

    Oh-so-cute & oh-so-cheap…. Wonderful!