26 responses to “Make a Fairy Doll”

  1. The Magic Onions

    Sorry, this was meant for the above post.

  2. The Magic Onions

    Lisa, my thoughts are with you. Great advice from your sis to take some time off. Making a decision like this is so hard… moving away from your gorgeous extended family will be awful. I had to move away from mine and had a few really hard years, but acceptance is key… once I accepted that this is how it is, a whole wonderful, magical life here opened up for me. Whatever you decide to do, do it with an open heart and with the knowledge that there is magic everywhere… you just need to find it.

  3. docwitch

    ahhh…so all this rampant and gorgeous creativity is genetic! Another fabbo idea, and me and my girl had a go at the scavenger hunt you posted about too.
    Love it all as usual!

  4. debra

    how darling are they….very sweet..just love them…the flowers, the hair, the gorgeous little and very creative outfits…i reckon your baby must wake througn the night to play with these little beauties….:)

  5. Jane

    Hi Lisa, There definitely must be a creative gene in your family! Just wanted to let you know I am still faithfully reading all your posts (how could I not!) but I’m trying to cut down on my computer time so I don’t always leave comments. I love the little monster guys next to the comments!

  6. Jessica

    Adorable! They are so sweet. :)

    I’m thinking of asking my mom to make two dolls for Ben & I when I’m having chemo/surgery. I’d like her to make a “Me” doll for Benjamin and a “Benjamin” doll for me–so, when we have to be apart we have friends to keep us company. :)

  7. Ticia

    Super cute! I love it. I’m sure my little Princess will get into fairies someday….. I’m working on it.

  8. Kat

    Wow, these are so cute! It reminds me of all the wonderful Christmas gifts mom created while we were growing up. What a lucky couple of little girls to have such a creative grandma and mom!

  9. Shady Lady

    These are beautiful!!

  10. Annie

    Those are so beautiful! A family full of talent.

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  12. Patricia

    I hear them singing 😉

  13. Juanita

    These fairy dolls are sweet. And I’m sure a girl can’t just have 1 fairy doll.
    Great photo taken by Fauna by the way!

  14. Sybille

    so nice!!

  15. Bona Fide Mama

    those are just lovely! and i like that you can make them even if you can’t sew!

  16. Loralyn

    I Love those!! We are big fairy fans over here, they would make a great gift for my girls

  17. The Magic Onions

    K would love these! Thank for sharing.
    Blessings and magic.

  18. Toni

    too cute, and so easy, my girls woudl love making these.

  19. Jane Rowley

    what sweet little dolls! What a wonderful treasure to have from their grandmother.

  20. Angela

    Very sweet!

  21. Christie

    Oh Gosh, now I have to add softy doll to my shopping list. :) Very cute!

  22. Mattenylou

    Oh my! They are adorable! Tell your Mom she did a great job. and I hope the girls appreciate her efforts. What a nice party favor to remember her party.

  23. Ofelia

    Lovely! I tried to do one but i can’t.

  24. renee

    Yeah you made my day too the faires, your delightful and so is the site, will make one doll soon. thanx

  25. Stephanie

    These are soooooooo cute.
    I would like a whole collection!!

  26. jess

    What sweetness!