19 responses to “Will-o’-the-wisp”

  1. Julie

    Happy, Happy Birthday to my little fairy friend! Greetings from West Virginia and thinking of you on your special day……I didn’t leave a b’day greeting for Araina in June, but I thought of her then and made a fairy wish! You will both always have a special place in my heart since I was there when you were born! Your Mama is so very special to me, too! Say hello to Grandma from me! I love looking at what you are all up to every day!

  2. Annie

    We love that movie! That’s so neat!

  3. nyree

    Willow the Wisp was a children’s program in the UK when I was wee! I loved it. Hope Fauna loves her Willow the Wisp – good job!

  4. Dawn

    Happy Birthday Fauna! I didn’t know what a will o’-the wisp was until now. Thanks for sharing that. Your softy is quite cute.

  5. dongdong

    Happy 8th Birthday, Fauna!! We love sharing your growing up journey with you and your family.

    Lisa- how great is your love for your girls. You are such a wonderful mom!! J says wow that takes a lot of time to make.

  6. Lisa DaeGorn


  7. Anet

    I noticed that I always get the same square blue monster Icon… It must like me :)

  8. Anet

    That is so cute that she asked for a Will-of-the-Wisp for her birthday!
    I love what you came up with, so sweet.
    We’ve read about the Will-of-the-Wisp before in Mudsock Meadows by Patricia Palacco… One of our favorite authors. :)

  9. Robin

    very cute

  10. tara

    What a magical request for her birthday! Your wisp looks great and much happiness to Fauna on her big day :)

  11. Mom and Kiddo

    Fascinating! And I love it.

  12. Jane

    Happy birthday Fauna! I think that’s great that that’s what she wanted. What a wonderful mom you are for making her one!

  13. Mona

    Ha, ha, that’s so funny – who, but an eight year old could wish for a will-o’-the-wisp! – And I really like your interpretation! Happy birthday to Fauna!!

  14. Christie

    What a cool mom you are. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl, from Alaska!

  15. Becca

    Oh, how adorable!

  16. Shady Lady

    You absolutely amaze me! The is the most darling will-o’-the-wisp I could ever imagine.

  17. Lisa Crowe

    Goose likes them as well!!! We love that book! I just told her that tomorrow is Fauna’s birthday and she is now trying to decide what to make for her!!! So cute!
    Your will’-o-the-wisp is great!!!!!
    It’s funny to read this post because I was going to email you and ask you when her birthday is! I just had a feeling it was coming up!
    Have a wonderful celebration!!!

  18. Joy

    That’s super cute! Fauna’s going to love it! (the link is broken over at blogger, btw) I wish Elizabeth would get interested in that series. Paulie read them all and loved them, and she’s usually very into adventure/sci fi. Maybe we’ll try again now that school’s started. I’m glad to know that Fauna likes them.

  19. Stephanie

    I’d be like, “Yeah…. is that something like my very own ghost? Or >i>a trip to a space ship? or a pocketful of moonbeams???
    Good cracking! :)