18 responses to “Sunflowers!”

  1. JumbleberryJam

    Delightful as always, m’dear. Loving the new site! And those photos. Brilliant!

  2. beth

    I don’t know anything about sunflowers other than I did a post about them today, too :)

  3. Joy

    What gorgeous photos! Fauna’s bouquet is lovely. That Blake poem takes me back, thanks! :)

  4. natalie

    I’m just discovering your blog and really enjoying it. The fourth photo of your daughter and a dog behind her is such a lovely one. It reminds me of little red riding hood stopping to pick flowers off the path and here comes the wolf! I think it’s so striking and beautiful. Cheers, Natalie.

  5. latisha

    my spirit plant. beautiful post. linked. bookmarked. and saved for always.

  6. gardenmama

    Gorgeous photos Lisa!
    Sunflowers make me so very happy! : )

  7. Bona Fide Mama

    sunflowers make my soul smile. therefore i should grow some.

  8. Jane


  9. jill

    They are such happy flowers. Even on gloomier days, they bring a smile to everyone! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Ofelia

    I love sunflowers. In my cottage there are a lot of them. I like to walk around them.

  11. tara

    I do love me a big beautiful sunflower!!

    Thanks for including the link to your sunflower math :)

  12. Emma

    Oh thankyou for these peoms – lovely to read. Aren’t they joyous flowers? I have two growing in my garden. They’re extra special as they self seeded – they just popped up!

  13. Sybille

    Thank you to let us read those beautiful poems!
    Great sunflower-math :)

  14. Sarah

    What a lovely post.

    I just noticed those thousands of little flowers inside a sunflower the other day – they’re impossible to mix if you look even a little closely at the center of the bloom. Ours have been real insect magnets also.

    I put a picture of a really sweet sunflower on my farming blog yesterday. When it opened up, part of it got stuck and didn’t open fully, so it’s the shape of a heart. Really sweet.

  15. Annie

    Oh I love your sunflower pictures!

  16. dongdong

    Are those your sunflowers…they looks so tall. I always learn something new coming here. I think you are born to teach! :) I’ll have to check in my garden when my ankle is healed- J says the sunflowers are appearing.

  17. kyndale

    I couldn’t imagine my garden without sunflowers. I manage to find more places for them every year. And, my dear sunflowers love to volunteer themselves in places I wouldn’t think to plant them. Like right in the middle of the garden or in a crevice on our rock wall. I didn’t know there was a sunflower appreciation association. I will check it out. Thank you! Smiles, Kyndale

  18. Lisa Crowe

    We have been seeing sunflowers everywhere! I love seeing them here in the city! So cheerful, aren’t they?! Your sunflower mathbook is great! Thanks for sharing it!
    Have a great night