22 responses to “Metamorphosis of the Eastern Black Swallowtail”

  1. tree

    Beautiful pictures! We just raised and release a black swallowtail last month, and are now raising Monarchs. We’ve released one already, and have three in chrysalises, two munching and a couple eggs on the milkweed. Every time i gather milkweed for them i bring home another monarch egg. :) i agree it’s completely amazing every time we see it! Great post!

  2. Keith

    Very nice pictures of the emergence!

  3. ts.ötli

    I like my monster..; I try another one 😉

  4. ts.ötli

    I could write “c’est magnifique” on every post ! I particularly like the birth of the butterfly ; the “tournesols” are beautiful too !!! And, then, I’m waiting to see the head of my monster for this comment 😉

  5. Dawn

    This is such a beautiful series of photos! Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Toni

    so cool now I know what the cocoon looks liek so maybe I can see where our guy is hiding.

  7. Emma

    BTW – thankyou for your visit and very kind comment about my shell twiddling!

  8. Emma

    Utterly exquisite. Swallowtails are so very rare here and although the wing ‘designs’ are the same the colour combos are different. Any metamorphosis is a great wonder but this one is incredibly special.

  9. The Magic Onions

    Wow… that’s stunning. You are SO lucky to have caught it. I’ve never seen a butterfly emerge… now I have! This is definitely a post for Friday’s Nature Table. I love you new site… I’ve had a little look around and everything is so easy to find. I love the little amoebas for the comments… too funny!
    Blessings and magic.

  10. Stephanie

    Very fine!
    The pics are so beautiful!
    I hope we can grow milkweed and get monarchs next year!

  11. April

    Very beautiful Lisa.
    Our black swallowtail is in the chrysalis phase now, but this morning we woke up to see our polyphemus had emerged! Photo coming soon….

  12. tara

    Gorgeous series of photographs! You captured the metamorphosis in all it’s wonder :)

  13. kyndale

    very cool. Did you find this caterpillar in your garden or did you order it?

  14. Sybille

    Oooooh!!! These pictures are so nice and the caterpillar is so beautiful! (the butterfly, too)

  15. Sarah

    So lovely! We have mostly moths around here, so when we found a caterpillar that was strikingly colored, I was so excited to maybe have found a butterfly! Turns out it was a moth, but no less exciting for that, really. Hold on, I’ll go find you the link … here it is.


  16. Sherry

    lovely! :)

  17. Tammy

    VERY pretty!!!

  18. Shady Lady

    Princess and I thought this was so cool!

  19. carolyn

    you are an amazing teacher and mother! how do you come up with all these ideas?

  20. Sarah

    Beautiful! We raised Gulf Fritillary caterpillars last year and loved it! We’d love to come across other species to bring in and observe, but have yet to find any

  21. dongdong

    beautiful pictures. The caterpillar is well fed! :)