10 responses to “Elderberry Syrup”

  1. Experiments with elderberry syrup | Radical Futures Project

    […] the freezer.  Still on my list to try are elderberry syrup and elderberry jam.  I decided to try this recipe for elderberry syrup first, choosing it for its use of honey over […]

  2. Rasha

    Hello there!
    I’m trying this recipe as a guideline for making elderberry syrup, and I’ve linked to your lovely site as my reference source. I’m tempted to try your honey-herb medicinal candies–that is an exciting idea. Thanks for documenting your own experiments.

    cheers, R.

  3. Dr. Dunner Sambu Guard

    […] boost, you may be interested in making your own homemade elderberry syrup with the recipe posted at 5 Orange Potatoes. Please let me know if you’ve had any success with Sambu Guard or if you have any other […]

  4. Angela

    The blog post that keeps on giving (and circulates around Facebook). Thanks!!!

  5. Rachel

    Thanks for the recipe! I hope to use more herbal remedies with my family as I learn from following your blog. I just made elderberry syrup tonight with this recipe and it came out great. The kids (5 and 2) loved it!

    I have about 1/4 cup leftover uncooked dried berries. Will they store fine in a closed container, or should I freeze them? Just don’t want to waste!

  6. Its_Lily

    Wow – I posted a picture on my website of a berry that ‘might’ be Elderberry. I promise not to eat it until I know for sure, but would you please look at it and tell me if it looks like it? They’re white right now so, no longer fresh. I’ve always wondered what it is.

  7. easing flu symptoms | 5 Orange Potatoes

    […] and lemonbalm in these cute owl mugs given to us by my sister Robin. We add 1 tablespoon of our elderberry syrup to each cup. It tastes great and we drink it throughout the day when we are sick. After this weekend […]

  8. Heather

    I’m just experimenting with elderberries for the first time this year and have made a honey electuary and an elderberry tonic (with a bit of rosehip thrown in). I have enough berries left in the freezer to try this honey syrup recipe too so I shall. Thank you. I found all the recipes online which used so much sugar a bit off-putting.

  9. Teena

    I refuse to get a flu shot and I am looking at other ways to keep my family healthy. I am going to make this over the weekend. Thanks!!!

  10. Susan

    I’m cooking my second batch of elderberry syrup today, this time with local honey and I can’t wait to enjoy it. We happened upon a large elderberry tree in our yard last year and after seeing your post, checked for berries and there they were! I was too late for the flowers, but hope to keep an eye out for them next year.
    Thanks for the tips. I especially enjoy the nature crafts.
    Found some pokeberries on a walk today so may go back and gather them to make some play ink.
    Thank you for your wonderful posts.
    Susan-Sierra foothills mama