Berry Picking Bucket

Berry picking time! A beautiful blogger friend, Jumbleberry Jam, made the cutest berry picking buckets out of felt, ribbon and yogurt cups. She inspired me to make some berry picking buckets too, but we needed them to be a little bit bigger because we have a lot of berries to pick.

I have A LOT of containers that I have been saving (just can’t throw them out) for just the right activity and this is it! These containers (from Trader Joe’s) are great because you can easily peel off the labels and there is a blank cardboard canvas to work with. I poked holes in the sides, ripped the cloth straps from one of Araina’s old dresses and knotted them on. I then let the girls decorate the buckets however they pleased.

Now for the berry picking! We have a ton of berries to pick; it’s just hard to get to a lot of them because they are surrounded by poison ivy. Good thing we have a lot of jewelweed around to make the “rashy plant” home remedy.

Visit Jumbleberry Jam to see how she made her berry buckets for her little guy. Visit this post at 5 Orange Potatoes at WordPress. I will be making the final move this weekend. I will be using my own domain and found a way to upload the Friend Connect. 😉

One response to “Berry Picking Bucket”

  1. Heather

    Oh how sweet are those! I love the idea of picking fresh berries, and I remember it so well from childhood. Looks like lovely containers to hold all that goodness