Jewelweed Poison Ivy Remedy

It’s that time of year for picking wild blackberries and elderberries. And wherever the berries grow, the poison ivy grows. Here is the remedy I use to prevent or treat that horrible itch (and other plant related rashes)!

You need: jewelweed, calendula blossoms (optional), apple cider vinegar, glass jar

This is poison ivy, avoid it at all costs. I find the new growth just darling and beautiful but don’t let that tempt you to touch it! Remember the rule “Leaves of three, let it be!”

This is jewelweed (Impatiens capensis). It likes the same habitat as poison ivy and stinging nettle; so if you see those, do a little hunt for jewelweed. Harvest 1 part jewelweed to 2 parts apple cider vinegar; please only harvest what you will use. Bruise the jewelweed up a bit, place it in a clean jar and cover with apple cider vinegar. Let it steep for a week or two, strain out the plant material and there you have the “magic elixir.” You can place the liquid in an ice cube tray and freeze for up to a year. When needed take the cube and rub onto the infected area. My sister Katrina keeps the plant and all in the vinegar and uses a cotton ball to apply; she keeps this on her bathroom counter, this is good too, but it won’t keep as long. Should you be out in the field and be exposed to poison ivy, split open the stem of the jewelweed and apply directly to infected area.

I like to add a couple of calendula blossoms to help heal the skin and moisturize. I also use this remedy for other plant related rashes and allergies. Like whenever the Little Ladies convince me to go into our field without long pants on, I always come out in pain with a grass rash!
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One response to “Jewelweed Poison Ivy Remedy”

  1. Debbie

    I can NEVER get poison ivy to stick in my head. We went hiking (to our oak tree) on Wednesday and I looked for it everywhere and it seems EVERYTHING has three leaves. LOL. I hope I’m not tempted by its beauty. It’s lovely and I totally would want to touch it. :)