Solar Eclipse

Our fascination with the moon continues this month with the solar eclipse that takes place tomorrow. I found some great sites to learn about the eclipse and some fascinating legends associated with a solar eclipse.

The Facts!
Solar Eclipses for Beginners– this is a fantastic site, with great illustrations, explaining how a solar eclipse works.

The Legends!
Something Is Eating the Moon and Sun! (From the Old Farmer’s Almanac)
Before people understood the science of eclipses, myths and legends were rampant. Here are a few:

• Ancient Egyptians believed that a mythical pig swallowed the Moon.

• According to Mayan folklore, a jaguar swallowed the Moon.
• Today, in the Arctic, Eskimos, Aleuts, and Tlingits believe that an eclipse allows the Moon or Sun to leave the sky to see that things are all right on Earth.


The Sun Eating Dragon and Other Ways to Think About an Eclipse-We LOVE this site, great thought provoking stories! The site quotes literature, science and legends of the solar eclipse, then leaves you this question, “What power does knowledge have over terror? Does knowing how something works diminish its beauty and mystery? Or is the beauty of the world deepened by understanding the things we see? As you watch the total solar eclipse along with us and learn more about eclipses, ask yourself how your perception of this unique event is affected by the things you’re learning. “

Moon WIP