Fauna’s Melting Flowers Wishing Game

Now I’m sure you’ve seen frozen flora before used as ice cubes or winter ornaments, but Fauna came up with this fun wishing game using them. It is the PERFECT game for a HOT summer day!

You need: Flowers, Muffin tin, Yarn, Water, and a Tree to hang wishes

Plan Ahead Set-Up:
Place flowers in the muffin tin, add yarn and freeze.When frozen and ready for use, place the tray in warm water to loosen the flowers from the muffin tin.

Wishing Rules:
1. Make your wish as you hang the flower in the tree. The object of this game is to catch the flower before it hits the ground.

2. You are not allowed to rub the ice with your hands in order to make it melt faster, however, you may use your breath. And catching icy drops with your tongue is a MUST!

3. Watch over your wishes, you’ll want to keep a good eye on that piece of yarn! Making predictions by looking closely at the yarn can be a big help in determining which wish might fall next.

The Little Ladies got very serious at this point, they placed their hands under the wishes they predicted were to fall next (and they moved them to the same branch)!
4. If you catch the flower before it hits the ground, your wish will come true. (Fauna caught 4 and Araina caught 5).

Simple rules, but oh so serious stuff! Good luck! Enjoy!

One response to “Fauna’s Melting Flowers Wishing Game”

  1. Michelle

    Fantastic and whimsical fun! I love this idea…will be sure to forward/blog about your post/add to our newsletter–just loving so many of your creative nature activities!

    Cannot wait to try this one with my little one, he LOVES flowers and with our summer temps already 110++ these beautiful flower wishes will keep him on his toes! LOL

    Thank you for all your inspiration!