Sure Cures and Herbal Lore

For colds, drink chamomile or sage tea.

For strength, eat thyme with your meal. For easing sadness, sleep on a pillow stuffed with thyme.

For staying young, smell rosemary frequently. 😉
For attracting money, carry basil in your pockets.
For indigestion, chew parsley.

3 responses to “Sure Cures and Herbal Lore”

  1. Grace

    I think your site is fabulous. I think we’d be great friends if we met in person – kindred spirits : )
    I look forward to visiting often and using so many of your wonderful ideas.
    ~* Grace

  2. Kathleen

    basil ‘eh?

    So many of these do help though, scent is deeply connected with memory and emotional well-being. Peppermint is good for tummy upsets too.

  3. Ivy

    I love this. I enjoy those “olde” ideas that seem relevant and peaceful and nontoxic today.