Make a Lavender Wand

Lavender has been used for centuries for fragrance, to freshen linens and to keep the moths away. Elizabethan ladies used to gather lavender and transform it into these delightful wands or bottles to put in their linen cupboards. The ribbon traps the lavender blossoms and keeps them snuggly inside the wand so they don’t scatter all over the clothing.

Book- The Pleasure of Herbs by Phyllis Shaudys
To make the wands you need:
9-15 (must be an odd number) straight stems of fresh lavender about 12 inches long (as long as you can cut them)
About 2-4 yards of 1/4″ wide ribbon
Rubber band or string

1. Strip the leaves off the stems and tie string or a rubber band at the base of the buds in the bundle.

2. Hold the lavender in your left hand with the buds facing down; gently bend the stems down one by one all the way around to encase the buds.

This is how your lavender should look after pulling the stems down.

3. Starting at the bent end, take the ribbon, tuck it under a stem and secure it with your left thumb; begin to weave over and under the stems 1 or 2 at a time. Pull the ribbon tightly as you go along.

4. Continue to weave until the buds are tightly encased inside the ribbon. I continued to weave past the buds; it’s really up to you when you want to stop weaving after the buds are completely encased.

5. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the bottom to make a pretty finish. Tie a knot at the end to secure.

The Little Ladies use the lavender wands as fairy wands and….

SWORDS! Violence by lavender; even little girls have thier rowdy moments! (Sounds like a A China Bayles Mystery)!

Besides fairy wands and swords, you can put them in your closet, in your dresser, or you could place one in a gift box for someone that you are giving clothing to. Enjoy!