Pipe Cleaner Fairies

If you have fairy loving children, I’m sure you already know how to do this. We have been making pipe cleaner fairies for years now; but just in case you haven’t, I thought I’d show you a very easy method of pipe cleaner fairy making which uses only 1 pipe cleaner. We used our rose petal beads to make the heads and flowers from our garden to make the hair.

What You Need:
Rose petal beads (any beads will do)
Pipe cleaners (one pipe cleaner per doll)
Silk flower petals (take apart a silk flower)
Flowers and leaves for accents
Yarn or cotton floss (optional for hair)

1. Bend the pipe cleaner in half, pull the bead to the middle. If you want hair, place yarn between the bead and the pipe cleaner loop at the top of the head.

2. Twist the pipe cleaner to form a neck and hold the bead into place.

3. Pull up one side, form a loop at the side to make one arm, twist at the joint (the armpit).

4. Pull up the other side to form the second arm. Twist again at the armpit. Cross the legs to form an X and twist at the tummy to secure the arms.

5. Bring the legs together and poke them through the center of a silk flower.

6. Make loops at the end of the legs to form feet, add a flower to the top of the head for a hat or hair.

The Little Ladies added Lamb’s Ear leaves to make wings for their fairies. They made rose, lavender, Lady’s Mantle, thyme and lily fairies by placing the stems of the flowers into the hole at the top of the bead. Anything could be used for wings or hair, let you child’s imagination sore!


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  1. Olga

    Your fairies are wonderul! The children might be excited :)

  2. denise

    Oh, how cute! My boys have been making pipe cleaner robots – not as perty as the fairies! 😉

  3. Bonnie

    these are adorable !!!

  4. A


  5. zobars

    awesome idea . I have some pipe cleaners lying around that I could use to make these wonderful beauties. thanks for the tutorial.

  6. andrea the pomegranates
  7. andrea the pomegranates

    oh my goodness, how cute are these?! wherever do you get this great ideas from, i love it!!

  8. Rachel@oneprettything.com

    These are beautiful! We made some "dolls" with sticks and petals when we were camping last year. It was so much fun! I bet this long lasting fairy process is even more fun-I love the petals! I'll be linking.

  9. kristen

    Beautiful little fairies!

  10. Annie

    I'm always amazed at what you girls create!

  11. The Magic Onions

    Too sweet… we love making these too. And I just love seeing and hearing K playing with something she has made herself.

  12. Artistmama

    How cute!

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  14. jumbleberryjam

    Too adorable!! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial :-)

  15. Joy

    Those are so cute! I'll bet Elizabeth would love to make those.

  16. christine

    Oh My Goodness, I love them!

  17. Holly

    Oh, those are adorable! Thank you! Holly

  18. Jane

    Oooooh-so easy. I love it!

  19. jane

    another great idea! have a great weekend!

  20. Tan Family

    What an easy project! So precious. I love the way that you used the rose petal beads as the heads. :)