Felty Giveaway

As a thank you to all of the very kind words, wisdom and support from all of my friends out there I’m doing another giveaway.

One of my dilemmas with an Etsy shop is trying to decide if I should make my felties into pendants,
Keychains, hair pins or hair bands.

Here are the two felties up for the giveaway- the orange coneflower pendant

Or my newest favorite, the mushroom felty. You choose the backing: brooch, pendant or hair pin.

To enter the giveaway please do 3 things for me….

1. Tell me your favorite felty from above.

2. Do you see my felties as a brooch, hair decor, keychain or pendant?

3. Should you win do you want the orange coneflower or mushroom (be sure to let me know the mushroom backing)?

You will get an extra entry if:

1. You twitter the giveaway.

2. You are/become a follower.

3. You post the giveaway on your blog.

4. If you aren’t a blogger or you are anonymous, tell me another way you spread the giveaway.

As always the giveaway is open to everyone across the globe. Thank you all so, so much for your opinions and support. You are all the best! 😉



62 responses to “Felty Giveaway”

  1. Sarah

    Is it to late to say "Pick me!"?

    In answer to your questions…
    1.) They are all so cute! I love the strawberry, snail, ladybug, flowers and tree the best… my husband makes fun of me because I can't choose a favorite color either.

    2.) Is there an option E.) all of the above? Sorry no help on this one either!

    3.)I love them both, you are so talented! If I HAD to choose… which obviously I do, I would probably pick the orange coneflower.

    Thanks! Sarah

  2. Rowan Willow

    Hi there

    First I wanted to say how much i enjoy yor blog and adventures you and your lil fairies have. I would love to live such a "natural" life with my kids. You are an inspiration to me!

    I am having a really hard time deciding…I absolutely LOVE the dear, but she is not for giving. I am a mushy nut and I love the "natural" look, a nice change from the red and white polka dots. I would want it as a brooch or hair pin. I know my youngest daughter would probably commandeer it though…we can share!

    To sum it up…I would love to win the mushroom with a blue (robin egg would look lovely) backing and I think as a brooch or hair pin would be adorable.

    Ta ta…I'm off to Tweet about it on Twitter….

    Take care

  3. boatbaby

    I love the mushroom felties, how sweet! I would do them as pendants if I were you. That way little boys can enjoy them too (not so with the hair accessories). My son would love the mushroom one as a necklace!
    Lovely work!

  4. Sherry

    I'm a follower, of course. 😉

  5. Sherry

    I haven't commented until today because I've been trying to decide my favorite. I like them all! I suppose if I won I'd ever so slightly prefer the mushroom over the flower.

    Oh, and personally, I prefer brooches for me, but if I had a daughter or niece, I'd like any of the other styles for them. :)

  6. sarah in the woods

    I think my favorite is the coneflower. I think they would make great hair things or keychains. I'd like to win the coneflower pendant for my daughter.

  7. dulciebelanger@montana.com

    I am new to your blog and am enjoying it very much. I love your ideas. To answer your questions,
    1. I love the snail. My boys and I just went camping the last two nights and spent one morning following the journey of a snail. Very mesmerizing creature.
    2. I like them as a brooch.
    3. I would like the cone flower.
    I am presently working on a blog and/or website for myself. You are someone I would pass along to others.

  8. Tammie Lee

    My favorites are the deer,lady bug, brown mushroom and fairy. Oh the butterfly too. They are all adorable.

    I think a brooch the most. What about as a charm on a bracelet? Maybe on a band of felt with a button for a clasp?

    So sweet and kind of you to do a give away!I love the little mushroom one.

    Since I am already a follower I think I will tweet about this.


  9. Patricia

    Hello Lisa
    I love youre blog!
    Orange is my favourite color!!

    A pendant with a orange flower on my neck would look very beautiful!

    Much better then the rose-petal-beads 😉

  10. Lisa

    Hi Lisa
    Well, I love them all! But my favorite is the little deer. I would love to win the cone flower as a pendant. I think they would all make great hair pieces and pendants, honestly, they would be great as any one of your options. I am going to mention your giveaway on Goose and Binky! Your etsy shop is going to be a huge hit!!!

  11. kyndale

    oh, I love them. I like the snail, butterfly and mushroom. I would love the mushroom as a brooch…or second choice would be a hair tie or clip.

    Really great idea! I hope I win!

  12. Becky

    Oooo another giveaway! You're too good to us! 😀
    All your work is lovely – I love them all!
    If I have the good fortune to win, I would love either one as a pendant!
    For your shop, why don't you give the option too, they can buy a particular design, and then choose what kind of backing!?
    Happy creating,
    Becky ♥