Mud Critter Sculptuers

What do you get when you take mud,

Leaves, twigs or any other treasures found in nature,

And two little ladies that love mud????

Yes, she is kissing the mud!

Mud Critters!

Mr. Rocky


Mr. FeFe


Check out more mud lovers at Freeflowing Ways. They made some super cool clay homes for solitary insects and they are always playing in the mud over there.

22 responses to “Mud Critter Sculptuers”

  1. caitlin

    SO CREATIVE! (no shock there :)

  2. denise


  3. Tara

    Hooray for mud critters and kudos to the mama who encourages playing in the mud!!

  4. Sam

    Those are wonderful! My daughter and I love to get all dirty in the mud, my son, not so much :)

  5. docwitch

    Ah mud! Glorious mud! That looks like such fun!

  6. sunnymama

    I love the muddy hands and feet pictures, and kissing the mud! The mud critters are so cute. So much fun :)

  7. Jeannette

    You are such a cool mummy! My mother, I love her dearly, would never, ever have done that.

  8. Dawn

    Ahhh…your girls are so creative!

  9. Shady Lady

    Eek! I have such mud issues.

  10. Annie

    Ack! Kissing the mud?! Those were really great muddy buddies you all made!

  11. The Magic Onions

    Mr Flappy is my favourite.

  12. kyndale

    mud is one of our favorite "toys" around here. Beautiful little mud people!

  13. Tammie Lee

    Oh my goodness, these are so so fun. So so cute and just fantastic art.

  14. Tammy

    LOL…very cute.

    Mud is definitely fun. :)

  15. Crescent Moon

    I would thoroughly enjoy that, but my little boy won't play with anything squishy.

  16. Sherry


  17. Joy

    It looks like they had a fabulous time in the mud! I can't say that mud is my favorite, although I do enjoy clay, especially if there is a pottery wheel in sight. :)

  18. jumbleberryjam

    Those are spectacular! :-) Please forgive me if I comment less frequently this month. Hope to be settled back in again in a month. Looking forward to hearing how things progress with you!

  19. enikő

    Uh! I personally hate mud but it is such fun for kids.

  20. Mom and Kiddo

    Very creative!

  21. debbie

    Hey, we found mud yesterday too, of the toe-squishing variety! My girls will love these…

  22. Amber

    Oh they are fun little guys. You are full of fun ideas…xx