Egg Carton Birds

These egg carton birds were inspired by the lovely Andrea (and her lovely daughter) at cider and faun. Not only can Andrea draw and paint, but the nature inspired activities she does with her daughter are unique and fun.

I gave the girls cardboard egg cartons and paint and let them go wherever their imaginations took them.

Fauna used acrylics to paint her birds and a permanent marker for the details on the owls.

And here is her King of the Chicks.

Araina made a whole flock of different types of birds; she made a robin, red-winged blackbird, bluebird, finch, cardinal and a crow. She preferred to paint with watercolors.

After the paint dried they spent the entire day playing with their new little bird friends.

8 responses to “Egg Carton Birds”


    Easy and fun, I love it! I'll be linking. Off to check out Andrea's blog…

  2. Tammy

    LOL…look how cute those birds are! I just love 'em!!! :)

  3. andrea the pomegranates

    oh i love love love them! look how colorful they are! oh i am so happy you gals liked this idea and enjoyed doing them. it made my morning!:)

  4. Dawn

    Those are cute birds your girls made!

  5. The Magic Onions

    Super fun activity… even T will be able to make them.

  6. jumbleberryjam

    cheep, cheep! cuteness! :-)

  7. Tara

    The girls imagination took them to a lovely place!

    These birdies are adorable.

  8. kyndale

    you are just a super crafty mama! I love all your art projects!