Weaving with Nature

While I was in my garden today pulling those “misplaced plants” that were growing where they shouldn’t, I came across a grapevine using my iris as a trellis. Fauna picked up the vine and wound it around her head like a crown; with those pixie-like eyes and ears of hers, she looked just like the Queen of the Pixies. We played some more with the grapevine and loved how pliable it was. I have seen weavings made of young pliable twigs and I thought grapevine would work just as well. So we grabbed some twine and did some weaving with nature our way. I’ll do anything to get out of weeding!

We gathered long stems of catmint, chamomile, clover and some large hosta leaves to weave into the nature art. Not only will the art smell wonderful, but the plants should dry nicely (except for the hosta).

We tied the vine into a teardrop/oval shape, then tied twine all around it . Fauna’s was more like a web where she just placed plants wherever she saw fit.

Fauna also made one without weaving plants throughtout. She added wooden beads and calls this one her dreamcatcher.
Araina’s was more like a weaver’s loom. Araina weaved her plants over, under, over, under…

She wanted her weaving to be attached to a twig hanger.

Each of these beautiful works of art are now hanging nicely in our house. One of them even makes a lovely wreath to welcome guests that come to our front door.

23 responses to “Weaving with Nature”

  1. sarah in the woods

    Those are very pretty. I think Miah would especially like to do something like this.

  2. Jen

    What a wonderful outdoor activity. My girls will love it.

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  3. Tara

    Ingenius and quite beautiful!!

  4. jane

    and i´d do anything to get out of ironing. i´m off to do some weaving:)… this looks fab! have a great week!

  5. denise

    Oh, super fun! Love those –

  6. Jane

    How creative, they turned out so lovely! What fun to have them put on displayed. Thanks for this wonderful blog its so fun to read all your terrific ideas! They are truely inspiring!

  7. sunnymama

    These are fun and beautiful! I did a similar project at art school many years ago but had long forgotten it until I read your post. I love how they both made something quite different.

  8. Dawn

    So lovely! :)

    Luv the pic of F hiding behind hers…mysterious!

  9. Jane

    Great nature weavings!

  10. goldenbird

    Beautiful weavings! Gosh, what lucky little girls to have a mama who encourages them to love nature and teaches them to do all sorts of lovely crafts. It’s a pleasure reading your blog.

  11. Shady Lady

    How cool!

  12. Anet

    I love this project! We’re going to try this when we go camping.

  13. Holly

    Those are so beautiful! And such beautiful little girls, too. Holly

  14. kyndale

    My goodness! So pretty…Yes, anything to get out of weeding right :) But this weaving is much more important than weeding for sure!

  15. bigbooty

    These are great! Reminds me of the spontaneous May Goddesses my girls got to making last year – sticks stuck in the ground with grasses wound round and round, some beeswax for the heads and to hold on the inevitable long grassy locks…I also can’t pass up a grapevine!

  16. Dreamwriter

    Great ideas!

  17. jumbleberryjam

    So wonderful! I love the spontaneous nature of your Nature creations!!

  18. Joy

    What a great job they did! Love the nature weaving. :)

  19. docwitch

    How on earth do you keep coming up with such fabbo ideas? I adore this – how utterly fantastic.

    And that little girl of yours is completely adorable. Whenever I see a pic of her I just melt and want to have more babies. Uh oh…

  20. Jess

    perfect idea!

  21. Toni

    wonderful you come up with the best ideas. bet your house smells really good too.– I will do anything ot get out of weeding too,btw,-

  22. Louise

    They are Lovely-

    There must be weaving magic in the air, we are weaving nature here as well.

  23. Anne