An Owl, a Sea Otter, A Bedtime Blessing and a Baby Shower

A dear friend of mine is due to have her first baby in July. We had a surprise baby shower for her yesterday. The little ladies and I gave her a basketful of homemade gifts.

The girls decorated an apron for her with leaf prints ( I actually forgot to photograph it…that’s how crazy yesterday had been). I made the little babe this little lavender scented sea otter made out of an old cashmere sweater. Oh, he is soooooo soft! The little ladies have each put in orders for one.

I also made the baby an owl that makes a crinkly sound when squeezed.

More handmade gifts by my family… is the beautiful mama to be with an octopus quilt made by my sister Robin.

My sister Katrina made her some beautiful homemade books. One book full of parental wisdom (filled out by the shower guests) and one book to write dreams and wishes for the babe.

My mom got creative with her gift by making this baby out of burp cloths, onesies and a little cap. Then she placed the cloth babe in a Boppy sling. It was very hard for the mama to be to take this babe apart!

The little ladies had cupcake duty. They gathered violets, clovers and mint then gently placed each flower onto a cupcake. They were so proud of the finished product (and themselves).

Here is my sister Katrina and my mom with the little ladies.

Robin (another sister) didn’t make it into the picture, she was busy writing wishes to the new babe. She wrote down the little saying I say to my girls each night while tucking them into bed:

A star for you to wish on (say this while you draw the star with your finger on the child’s forehead),
The sun for warmth and light (draw the sun),
The moon for you to think on (draw the moon),
Pleasant dreams,
And a hug and kiss goodnight
(give a hug and kiss).

Homemade book made by Katrina
This little lady LOVES her chocolate! I think this was her favorite moment of the shower. She also guzzled down the lavender lemonade.

This one LOVES her fruit! The poor little thing was so confused about what exactly a baby shower was. She was a little afraid that the baby might be born at the shower and we would all bathe it. She’s pretty sure she’s not ready for that kind of womanhood!
We were so happy to celebrate the new babe with our lovely Shawna. We wish her many blessings and happiness with the new joy on the way!

24 responses to “An Owl, a Sea Otter, A Bedtime Blessing and a Baby Shower”

  1. Ruth

    Oh, your family of women is so beautiful! I want one!
    I’m sure if everyone had a family of women like yours, the world would be peaceful.
    So inspirational. Thank you for sharing again :)

  2. Melissa

    Lisa, I love those ideas. And the bedtime blessings- oh, my. I have a huge stash of recycled sweaters– I sense some baby crafting in my future..

  3. jane

    what a lovely post lisa. love the title. sounds like a fairy tale. now i´m happy:) have a great weekend:)

  4. Erin

    Your little felt treasures arrived yesterday in my mailbox! Thanks so much … Both little gems were adorable and will surely get good use.
    Some great ideas in this post, My sister is due in 4 weeks with her 2nd baby and my mom and sisters will be having a little party for her soon. Thanks for some good ideas!

  5. Tara

    The handnade shower gifts are beautiful. Owen still loves all of his handmade quilts from when he was a wee babe.

    Your girls are very talented…. those cupcakes are so pretty and I’m sure yummy!

  6. T

    This was great, especially given the fact that my dear friend is in labor right now with her first baby! And a beautiful job on those cupcakes!

  7. Toni

    what a wonderful shower. the homemade gifts where so wonderful, how unique.
    the ladies did an awesome job on those cupcakes.

    I have a recipie for lavender cookies, the lemonade sounds very tasty how did you make it

  8. Erin

    I loooooooooooove your night verse! Can I have permission to use that one on my kids? I know that they would love it, too.

  9. Mom, M.Ed. (Jessica)

    That little otter is just adorable! Everything looks wonderful (your mom’s gift, too!)

  10. Shady Lady

    What beautiful and so very special gifts.

  11. Joy

    What a party! Your friend is a lucky lady. Your family is SO talented. :)

  12. Artistmama

    Love all of your handmade gifts! I especially love the lavender sea otter. What a beautiful way to be showered.

    Love the poem too. I’ll have to commit that one to memory.


  13. Louise

    Lovely gifts, lovely photos, lovely post.
    What a beautiful day to welcome a precious new babe into the world.

  14. Jane

    Wow-this mama to be must feel pretty special! Homemade gifts are the best. I really want one of those cupcakes!!!

  15. SkylarKD

    What lovely gifts!! A lucky mama-to-be!

  16. jumbleberryjam

    What beautiful, thoughtful gifts! Those cupcakes are gorgeous!!

  17. Tammy

    So many lovely gifts. The babe is definitely well loved. :)

    I love the cuppies with the johnny-jump-ups and pansies. We just got done making candied edible flowers this afternoon (idea from YOUR blog!)

  18. therese

    wow, that is some good looking cup cakes! and the little one being confused – so cute!

  19. Lisa

    Dongdong, I’ll post the how to on making lavender lemonade in the next few days.
    Lisa 😉

  20. Dawn

    What a lovely baby shower; the gifts, the cupcakes…everything!

  21. goldenbird

    Wow, so many sweet gifts. Love the little cashmere otter and the crinkly owl.

  22. dongdong

    Sweet…those hand made gifts are so special. Your whole family is so creative. I can’t imagine making gifts… very inspirational!

    How do you make the lavender lemonade? I have lots of lavender (dried ones for cooking and the plant)

  23. kristen

    Ok, I’m writing down that little poem. Adorable. That looked like a perfect day!

  24. Stephanie

    How lovely!
    Everything is just beautiful.