Corner View- Ohio "Cityscapes"

Flowers to you my corner view friends, we did not make it to the city.

We are more country mice kind of people. We are herb eatin’…..

Watermelon eatin’…..

Tree worshippin’…..

Nature hikin’…..

Barefoot tree climbin’ ….

The “can I make it all the way to the Robin’s nest?” tree climbin’ kind of people!

We have our fair amount of cities around here in SW Ohio, we just didn’t wander to any worth photographing this week. Check out the other cityscapes from around the world:

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28 responses to “Corner View- Ohio "Cityscapes"”

  1. kyndale

    We are just like you…Love your corner!

  2. Tara

    The robin’s eggs are fantastic!

    We’re country bumpkins here too…. I’m usually quite content to stay home in my little neck of the woods :0)

  3. T

    adorable girls

  4. Cate

    to tell the truth, it is nice to see some country shots. i see cityscapes day in, day out. this is the first time this week, however, that i’ve seen a robin’s nest. incredible color.

  5. Joyce

    A cute post! I love the eggs and nest. Very pretty shots. xoxo

  6. MODsquad

    You’re my kind of people! Darling post!

    Happy Day!

  7. halfpastafreckle

    Wow! Great picture of the Robin Nest:)

  8. andrea the pomegranates

    this is such a cute post :)

  9. Crescent Moon

    That was a great shot of the bird’s nest! Actually, all the pictures were wonderful!

  10. Artistmama

    What beautiful pics! With all that beauty around you, why go to the city? I’m with you.


  11. sunnymama

    The flowers are so pretty! I really love the barefoot tree climbing picture too. We live in a city and I still didn’t manage to photograph it so our cityscape was mainly of the river. I thought it would count as it runs through our city. I think you did a great job anyway with this weeks theme :)

  12. Shona

    You have an awesome corner view that’s for sure!

  13. christine

    I’m a country mouse, definitely : )
    what a lovely life you give your kiddos.

  14. C.T.

    Oooooooohhhhhh, this is such a lovely post, thank you!!! XXX, Carmie.

  15. Francesca

    Flowers to you too, nice happy post!

  16. caitlin

    That sounded weird as I re-read it. I don’t feel happy that I am leaving your blog.. I just feel happy in general. Oh gosh, I’m going to stop now. I think you get the idea! :)

  17. caitlin

    I love your posts. They always make me feel happy when I leave!

  18. jane

    can this be any more sweeter! perfect. wish you could see me smiling. thanks lisa! and give your girls (the little models) a kiss for me! besos-jane

  19. Joy

    I love your “cityscape”. 😉 I appreciate both the city and the country for very different reasons. Your corner of the world is certainly beautiful.

  20. Dawn

    You have a beautiful life!

  21. isabelle

    thanks for the flowers … the herbs … the watermelon … and the cute barefoots

  22. denise

    Hear hear! We can see the downtown from the hill in our neighborhood, but we are always heading AWAY from it to the country! 😉

  23. la lune dans le ciel

    thanks for your comment !
    Where you live, there are many vegetation! Life must be sweet!
    Are you doing these small objects like on your banner?It’s very nice !

  24. kim

    great pictures! and i especially loved finding the nest at the end! what a lovely surpise~

  25. Lisa

    Jumbles, I got the kitchen witch vase at a thrift store (or antique store, can’t remember which)…..I have a large cookie jar made by the R. J. Drinkwater Co. as well. There are also salt and pepper shakers and utensil holders. Ebay sometimes has her under kitchen witch or RJ drinkwater….just don’t bid during the month of October, prices get crazy on her!

    Lisa :)

  26. Lisa

    Renee, visit Jane from Spain Daily (she is an american that has been living in Spain for a long time) to join the fun. Her blog is amazing

    Leave her a comment that you want to be part of it and she will include you in the list. She lists the new corner view topic each Wed. next week is the beach.

    -Lisa :)

  27. jumbleberryjam

    I LOVE the flower vase. Would love to know more about her! :-)

  28. renee @ FIMBY

    What’s the deal with these corner of the world posts I keep seeing pop up every wed. on the blogs I read. Any way to get into the action? Enjoying everyone’s corners.