Interview Me??

The very talented and creative felt artist D, The Magic Onions, asked to interview yours truly. I am so honored and touched that she took the time to dedicate a post about me. I have been following her since my first week blogging and have been addicted to her posts ever since. Hop over to The Magic Onions to see the beautiful felt work she does and how she brings magic into her little ones’ lives daily (and read my interview here, she asked me some fun questions).

She also has an Etsy shop where she sells her gorgeous creations.

By the way, she is having her first giveaway. She is giving away one of her beautiful fairy godmothers. So be sure to leave a comment on her giveaway post.

Thank you D!

13 responses to “Interview Me??”

  1. Mommy of 4

    Since our oldest broke her leg I find your blog more invaluable now then ever. Thank you for your creativity, you are keeping my wheelchair bound baby pleasently occupied.

  2. C.T.

    Oohh…you are such a great person, loved the interview, the names, your tips and tricks….just a great interview indeed!!

  3. Louise

    Lovely to see two such inspirational blogs linked like this

  4. Tan Family

    I love her blog and her Etsy shop, too! I’m on my way to go read your interview…

  5. jane

    i swear you are the coolest! great interview!:)

  6. jane

    i´m going now. happy day to you!:)

  7. goldenbird

    Hi Lisa! I wanted to say hello and let you know how much I love your blog. I gave you a shout out on my blog today :-) It was fun reading about you at The Magic Onions.

  8. Tara

    Congratulations, you do lovely work!!

  9. Beth- the mama bee

    Those are so pretty! We love the grandmothers and would love anything pinkish or purpleish. Needle felting is a craft I’d love to learn some day!

  10. Jane

    The interview was great. You definitely are an inspiration to so many parents trying to create a magical world for their little ones!

  11. Artistmama

    Love the interview! It was so nice learning more about you and your girls. Love the name stories. And the deer following your Fauna! How magical!

    You inspire me to bring more magic into our lives.


  12. The Magic Onions

    Wow… you’ve done a whole post about ME! I’m so honored! Thank you Lisa! I think we started blogging in the same week… your’s was the first blog I followed and I knew we were kindred spirits even then! See how you have touched people…
    Blessings and Magic!

  13. jumbleberryjam

    What a wonderful interview! :-) Thank you for doing it! You are, truly, one of the most inspirational Mamas I’ve ever met!!

    I’d love to hear more about life as an introvert with children. I really struggle with this.

    Anyway, I LOVE Magic Onion’s fairy godmothers! :-)