Ethiopian Wishing Scroll Case

In Ethiopia, people wear cases around their necks which contain cures, talismans to ward off evil, or prayers on scrolls of paper. I saw a wishing scroll made out of a film canister and thought it could easily be made of felt. I did not include a lid on the case because my girls like their wishes to blow away or disappear…then the wish magic begins. Here’s how to do it.

To make the wishing case you need: a 3 x 1 1/2 inch piece of felt, a felt circle which has been traced around a quarter, embroidery floss (I used 2 strands of the 6), felt for the embroidered detail of choice with matching floss, bells, beads, scissors, needle and hemp cord.

Embroider the design (I chose a lucky ladybug) onto the center of the rectangular piece of felt. This would be another great project to put a child’s doodle on.

Finish off with the details.

Take the felt rectangle and overlap the edges a little. Knot your floss, place your needle on the inside top of the pocket, push the needle through both layers of felt and pull through to the knot. Whip stitch down to the bottom of the case. If you know how to whip stitch you can skip the next few photos……..

Once you reach the bottom, don’t cut and knot the floss just yet, use the same floss to whip stitch the bottom onto the case.
Whip stitch all around the bottom and tie a knot.

This is how the pocket should look now.

I love the tinkle of bells and add bells whenever I can. I stitched them to the bottom of the pocket.

Now cut about 27 inches of hemp cord.

Use something sharp to puncture a hole on both sides of the pocket and pull the hemp cord through both holes.

String a pretty bead onto each side of the cording.

Tie a knot with the bead inside the knot, tie again for added strength.

Pull the cord up from the center of the pocket, now you have the loop of the necklace.

Write your wish on something natural, like osage orange root, an acorn or a maple seed. Make sure it is something natural from nature, you don’t want to be a litter bug when your wish naturally falls out. You could even make a wish on dandelion seeds or flower petals, you don’t necessarily have to write down your wishes.

Fauna used osage orange root, rolled it up as a scroll and tucked it into her wish case.
Your wish will fall out one day and be carried away to where wishes come true.

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  2. bigbooty

    This is lovely – can’t wait to try it. Do you order your felt online? I use to have a good local source (the waldorf school!) in virginia, but there is nothing but Walmart here, and I have a hard time finding inspiration with the polyester felt. I found some really thick Tibetan felt, but it’s more difficult to do these finer smaller projects with it. Bags are great though!

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    how neat is this? :)

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    SO NEAT! I love the idea of your wish falling out one day!

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