"Ohhhhh, Lovely May Flowers!"

10 responses to “"Ohhhhh, Lovely May Flowers!"”

  1. sunnymama

    What a gorgeous picture! Beautiful :)

  2. Dreamwriter

    Absolutely beautiful. I love your blog and I linked you. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Tara

    Pretty posies…

    Happy Mother’s Day :0)

  4. jane


  5. Dawn

    So sweet!

    We love May flowers too~

    Happy Friday (almost!)

  6. Leanne

    Oh that photo is so precious!

  7. Melissa

    I have begun to think you must secretly be three people– no one person, with or without children, has ever accomplished so much. That is a great photo, and I’m fascinated by you jams (here I’ve been pulling those suckers up when I could have been eating them. Who woulda thunk.)

  8. jumbleberryjam

    Wow! Fabulous shot!! :-)

  9. Louise

    what a beautiful bunch- :-)

  10. Joy

    What a cutie she is peeking around those May flowers!