Dandelion Seed Activity

We did a very simple art activity yesterday. We used oil pastels, watered down glue, dandelions and black construction paper.

We drew dandelions on the black paper, put a big spot of glue on the top of the stem, got an “old man” dandelion and blew the seeds onto the glue. Blowing the seeds onto the glue was the favorite part of this art project!

Araina lined her dandelions up in a row.

Fauna wanted puffs of seeds floating in the air and a real dandelion stem in her picture.

The possibilities are endless. We had a lot of fun observing and drawing the dandelions, seeing where the leaves grow and playing with the soft seeds. For more dandelion fun visit dandelion prints, dandelion cookies, dandelion syrup, and beautiful pollinators. And our dandelion jelly will be posted soon.

19 responses to “Dandelion Seed Activity”

  1. jeannine

    awesome. my kids are obsessed with blowing the dandelion seeds all over the yard. we’re definitely doing this.

  2. Beth- the mama bee

    That sounds fun, that would be great with lots of differnt flower seeds too.

  3. Colleen

    Great project. My Jayla would love to do this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Leanne

    Wonderful idea…what great pieces of art your beautiful girls have created yet again!!

  5. The Magic Onions

    I love this, Lisa… you must just be one of the most creative people on earth! And what’s this about being scared of Etsy… your pendants are amazing! Your felt work is incredible… really, you’ll rock on Etsy! And if you need any help making your Etsy link visible on your blog… I’m your gal! ;-D
    Looking forward to seeing your Etsy shop come Monday… you go girl!

  6. kristen

    we’re gonna do that tomorrow. awesome. :)

  7. Tan Family

    How fun! Kids always love blowing dandelions. Thank you for the great idea. :)

  8. Toni

    a great idea, love it. we have lots of old man dandelions about the place,

  9. dd

    how fun to blow and almost preserve it.

  10. Jane

    Love it! I’m feeling so uninspired right now so it’s good to live vicariously off of your creativity!

  11. Tara

    Yes!!! I love this idea because it uses the white wispy guys and not the fresh brilliant ones.

    Very cool- nice job girls :)

  12. nicola

    sweet! my daughter would love this!

  13. caitlin

    How creative!

  14. jumbleberryjam

    I am so loving the dandelion days! Another brilliant book in the making ;-). Sign me up for the first edition!!

  15. Rachel@oneprettything.com

    Oh how pretty! I love this idea! I’ll be linking.

  16. Shona

    thats such a great art project, we love pastels they’re so rich!

  17. Momma Snail

    I love this! This turned out so pretty!

  18. Erin

    I would love to have a set of oil pastels like yours! I was looking at some in Michaels the other day and couldn’t decide which to buy, so I got some new watercolors for the boys instead. I love the blowing puff seeds onto glue idea.. thanks!

  19. pomegranates

    this is a FANTASTIC idea! i know my nat would enjoy this. thank you for sharing it!!