Raindrop Hike

We went outside looking for raindrops this morning and loved how these little droplets of water hung to some of the plants. Our favorite was the Lady’s Mantle, a single raindrop hung to each and every little notch of the leaf’s edge. We were rhyming as we hunted for raindrops and came up with this silly little ditty.

Raindrops on the Lady’s Mantle,

Raindrops on the Pine,
Raindrops on the Apple Blossoms doing just fine,

Raindrops on the Lamb’s Ear,

Raindrops on the Seeds,
Raindrops on the Lilies,

But not on Me!

27 responses to “Raindrop Hike”

  1. Debbiemomof2

    LOVE this idea and I know my kids would too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Tan Family

    What a wonderful idea! Next time it rains, we are going to go on a raindrop hunt…

  3. skymring

    oh, those photos are great!

  4. Toni

    what a sweet and interesitng hike. I love how the rain hangs on things, it makes everything look so fresh and new. – though we usually end up very muddy and not so fresh looking ourselves:-) its all in the learning.

  5. Tammy

    What a pretty post. I love the simple beauty you found. The nature photos were lovely, but the last one of your girls is my fave. 😉

  6. Rebecca

    Lovely photographs. Goes to show that there’s beauty everywhere if you’re willing to have a look. Lovely blog too – so glad too have found it.

  7. affectioknit

    Oh so pretty – it’s raining here as well – but there’s nothing green yet – hopefully the last of the snow and ice will go with the rain…

  8. Spool {}

    I just found you from your felt bracelet tute – terrific! I added you to my reader and will be looking forward to your posts :)

  9. The Magic Onions

    Too sweet! And what beautiful photos of raindrops!

  10. Cheryl

    Sounds like a miserable day was turned into a wonderful day!!!

  11. juanitatortilla

    Such lovely photos. You’re such a loving and nurturing mum!

  12. Siayla

    Glad to see you are all feeling better! Cute idea. I think the idea to print it into a book is a good one. I never thought of photographing raindrops. I think you must be related to the energizer bunny as your ideas just keep going and going and going :)

  13. Shady Lady

    What a clever idea to go on a raindrop hike! Princess has the same ladybug rain jacket as Fauna!

  14. nettlejuice

    Lady’s mantle is one we are planning to add to our garden this year.

  15. sunnymama

    Lovely pictures, especially the last one!

  16. Georgine

    Thank you for the camera info. I’ll have to put it on my “want” list. Do you think I can buy some talent too? :)

  17. Tara

    Ah Lisa… whatever learning curve you found with the Canon… consider it overcome. These shots are great! :)


    how fun…you and your girls do the best activities.:)

  19. Lauren - Textile Garden

    We are always looking for raindrops too. My girls think the faeries leave them.

  20. Jane

    I always love raindrops on Lady’s Mantle. So beautiful!

  21. Dawn

    Beautiful photos! They make me wish I would have gone outside yesterday after the rain to snap a few shots.

  22. Lisa

    Georgine, I started this blog with a Samsung point and shoot. I just got a Canon Rebel XSi for my birthday (thanks to the recommendation of Tara of Perwinkles and Pine); this is my 10th post using it. I really love it, but I still have a lot to learn, little more complicated than that little point and shoot.

  23. Georgine

    If you don’t mind the question, what type of camera do you use? You photos are so good. Mine, not so much. I claim some responsibility for that. Just some.

  24. jumbleberryjam

    sigh…rain. How I love and miss it so! Gorgeous photos!

  25. Joy

    Your girls are so cute huddled together under that tree. What a great ditty for a raindrop hike!

  26. dongdong

    cute. we love finding dew drops. Your girls’ raincoats are so cute.

  27. Cindy DG

    I love your rain drop hunt, you need to print it off and make into a book for your kiddos!
    ~ Thanks for being a follower!