Sewing Owls with the Little Ladies

My girls have been begging me to make them each an owl with feather tufts. We came up with a pattern which inspired them both to make their own. They each sewed every part of these owls. Araina (5) made the blue and green owl, Fauna (7) made the pink and brown owl.

I provided them each with an embroidery hoop, #16 embroidery needle, felt of their choosing, and embroidery floss.

They cut out their owl bodies and threaded their needles (2 pieces from the 6 piece floss). We always add just a little dab of glue onto the center of the felt piece to keep the felt from slipping while they are sewing. I have found this method easier than pins, just make sure to put the glue only where there will be no stitching. Pushing a needle through dry glue is hard!

Then the sewing began. This is Araina’s first major sewing project, she is a natural!

This is Fauna’s first sewing project using the hoop, which she loved. She has become quite the little handsewer, she sews fast and is quite a natural at it too.

Both owl bodies are now complete. Click on this photo to get a close-up of the stitching.

They were both very proud of this first accomplishment.
Next, they picked out the colors of the owls’ details, cut out the pieces and laid them out to see if the colors fit their visions. Here is Araina’s vision……
Here is Fauna’s vision; she later replaced the white eyes with brown.
Now to stitch on the details.
The finished products turned out GREAT!!! They were so proud of themselves! I too was proud of them!

I stitched on a brooch backing for Araina and Fauna’s will be made into a necklace.

The girls loved this and actually made these owls in one sitting (about 2 hours). Araina loved this experience and had very little trouble. She is now working on her own turtle pattern for a future brooch. Fauna is working on a kitty pattern. Fauna posted more photos of her sewing here. Araina wrote a poem about her owl here.

44 responses to “Sewing Owls with the Little Ladies”

  1. Abi

    My girls (5 and 8) and I just did your Valentine Face Owls yesterday. SO FUN. I really like the hoop idea though- I can see where it solves the problem of going AROUND to the back instead of through the front. You know? Any way- thank you for sharing your ideas. We craft every Wed. afternoon and i am always looking!

  2. Tamra

    How old were your children when you did this with them? My son is four and I wonder if he’d really be into it and would sit still for it.

    1. 5orangepotatoes

      Araina was 5 at the time. It really depends on the kid. Fauna started sewing like this at age 4; Araina wasn’t interested until 5. I say try it with him, but without expectations. He might surprise you and love it (or vice versa).

  3. Phyllis

    We love this owl project! I run a little craft class for about 6 girls once a week and we are going to be working on home made holiday gifts, and will make this project, thank you for posting it! I was wondering are the owls stuffed or double backed? Or are they just cut out of the background felt and then you sewed on a pin backing?
    Thank you!

  4. Colleen

    they really did turn out great. they did such an amazing job. my 7 year old daughter saw them and oooooh and ahhhhh over them and wants to make her own.

  5. Dawn

    They did a wonderful job!
    Happy Friday :)

  6. Becky

    Those are fantastic! Good for them, what little artists you have! 😀

  7. skymring

    If you just let them try, they’ll manage the most unbelievable things…. That’s what I’ve observed with my daughter, who is incredible curious and wants to try everything. She sew with a proper needle at the age of 3. She did needlefelting at 5. I often catch myself in trying to do things for her, ‘help’ her, even if it’s just the simple things like cutting a slice of bread and put spread on. Luckily, she’s good at telling (shouting!) me not to 😉

  8. Tammy

    Good job ladies!!!!!

  9. Joy

    They really did a fantastic job; I’m SO impressed. :) Cute owls too!

  10. Patzi

    This is so great! I love the little owls and I’m sure, my son likes to try out one, too.

  11. sgaissert

    Absolutely adorable. I know what it is now that I love about sewed felt — the puffy look!

  12. Lisa

    Kristen, I use a wool blend. Standard would work though. I’m a bit of a felt snob and like a little bit of wool in my felt, it holds up really well and has a nice touch to it.

  13. Lisa

    Jamison, April at has a great selection of felt. She even has ecofelt which is made from recycled bottles…on my wish list.

  14. kristen

    Oh those are ADORABLE!!! Do you use wool felt or would the standard craft felt do?

  15. silicadesign.Catherine Letendre

    Beautiful project well done by the girls. I really love owls… Thanks for the note you write to me. At the botanical Garden of Montreal there is a magical event call Papillons en liberté or Butterflies Go Free at this link::
    Children loves so see them flying around… the picture was took last year, maybe I’ll plan a visit for tomorrow. cath

  16. Adrienne

    Thanks for your comment. I have been enjoying your blog-found it through the magic onions. It is full of really fun ideas that we have been trying out. I love all of your felt work. Your daughters sewing abilities are quite impressive!

  17. Jamison

    Lisa–I am ready to start sewing and am going to try to get me nearly 4 year old on board. Could you please share with me where you purchase all of your lovely felt? Do you have an online supplier? Thanks for the inspiration! Jamison

  18. Lisa


  19. nettlejuice

    Oh, so nice to see them creating.
    My boys haven’t had an interest in sewing since their first effort.
    But then, it is spring…time to run around outside and dig in the dirt.

  20. Cheryl


  21. enikő

    They’re so cute!Do you mind if I try to copy your idea and I try to do this with my kids? We’re having terrible days, you’ve surely heard about the earthquake that is destroying our region. We live outside in our garden, we’re quite anxious for our kids, I think they need to be enertained in some way. Making these little owls is perfect to keep them occupied in order to not to think about what is happening around us.

    Have a wonderful day.

  22. Sam

    Those are so wonderful! Wow, you’re girls are great at sewing. Just yesterday I started sewing a little felt underwater scene. I’ve never felt so relaxed and connected before :) I’d love to have Sophie try this, great idea to use a hoop, I wouldn’t have thought of that, thank you!

  23. sybilbrun

    I am WAY impressed at all they did, who’d have thought kids their ages could do all that?! Well, you, I guess!!! My kids would totally love this! How do you think this stuff up Lisa? Have you been thinking of teaching them your passions for awhile now (felting, blogging)?! ;-D

  24. jumbleberryjam

    I am in total awe. What amazing work! Adorable to the core.

  25. Siayla

    Love these little owls! What a great idea with the hoop. They both did an excellent job and that winking owl is super cute!

  26. Stephanie

    I so love Owls.
    And Frogs.
    And Turtles.
    ‘Cept not monkeys.

  27. Annie

    WOW! So cute and it’s even more cool when done by the kids. I really love how they turned out!

  28. sunnymama

    Your daughters are talented! The owls are so cute, really lovely.

  29. Lisa

    I am amazed how well Rainy did with her owl as well! She did it in one sitting as well, she loved it and felt “relaxed.” She was so cute!

    Artistmama, of course you can copy the winking owl for your baby mobile. 😉

  30. Jane

    I’m amazed that Araina did that whole project by herself-well done! I love the idea of using the hoop(I never would have thought of that).

  31. Shady Lady

    Yet another brilliant idea! Princess wants to learn to sew. Now I have the perfect project for her. How cool!! Thank you!

  32. Tara

    You have two very talented young ladies there.

    The owls are adorable and a favorite here :)

  33. Anet

    Next to squirrels, owls are my favorite animal! The girls are talented like their mamma! They did an amazing job:)

  34. Artistmama

    What a great job they did ! How adorable! I am about to make a felt mobile for the baby- can I copy your adorable winking owl? Too cute!

  35. dongdong

    They are adorable. Both girls did so good. Isn’t it wonderful what they are able to do?!

  36. Lisa

    Erin, we took the hoop off then cut around the owl. The hoop is a fabric waster in my opinion but it does hold the fabric nice and tight, which makes it easier to sew. I don’t use one, I like to squish the felties all together.

  37. Erin

    Btw.. stupid question, but do you just cut the felt on the hoop out around the owl once you’re finished?

  38. Erin

    Wow, I think that maybe with the help of the hoop, even I (who is afraid of sewing) could make one! The girls’ owls turned out fabulous! Reminds me of my grandma.. she used to collect owls. :)

  39. Dawn

    These are so cute! You and your girls deserve to be quite proud. That’s some beautiful sewing.

  40. kristin

    i love the looks of concentration on their faces as they are working. beautiful stitch work girls!!

  41. Adrienne

    adorable! i never thought to have max use the hoop while sewing, we’ll try that next time. thanks!

  42. Lisa

    i love these owls. -araina