Silly Moustache Tutorial

I really don’t know what it is about moustaches these days, but I am seeing them all over the internet made out of any material around! This little lady wanted one, so she made one (seriously, a 7yo can sew this).

Whatcha need: your choice color of felt, scissors, embroidery floss to match felt (I separated 2 pieces from the 6), moustache pattern, embroidery needle, and the skinniest oval cord elastic you can get.

Draw out half a stache on a folded piece of paper, this stache is about 10 1/2 inches from tip to tip of the stache and about 4 inches from the lowest part of the stache to the highest part of the stache. There all kinds of crazy staches out there, experiment with different styles. For this tutorial we focused on a simple style.

Cut out your pattern and put it on your felt. (Or you could use a half pattern and cut on the fold). We made a black one, but you could make one to match your hair color.

Cut out 2 staches, one for the front and one for the back.

Blanket stitch the front and back pieces of the stache together. Knot your floss, insert your needle through the back, pull tight, then insert the needle through the front, to the left of the previous stitch.

Before pulling the needle all the way through take the floss and loop it under the needle, bringing the floss up and to the left of the needle.

Pull the floss all the way through.

Insert the needle back through the front, then loop under again to make a new stitch. From now on you are only inserting the needle through the front of the stache.

Continue to blanket stitch around the entire stache, knot it off and your stache should look like this…

Now grab about 21 inches of oval cord elastic, stitch it to the middle of the stache.

Then stitch on the other end of the elastic.

There you have it, all done (photo from the back of the stache)!

Front of the stache.

Here’s a little proof that a 7yo can sew this! She finished her stache in less than 30 minutes!
She made one for her sister too. Looking like a little professor!

By the way….”you say mustache, I say moustache!” He! He!

18 responses to “Silly Moustache Tutorial”

  1. MUS

    i love them moustache (snorren in dutch) 😉
    thank you!

  2. Pink & Green Mama

    Ha HA!!! LOL, I love it. I have a favorite ETSY artist who makes beards like this, I think her shop is called ” I made you a beard” Your girls would get a kick out of her stuff. : )

  3. Geek+Nerd

    Super cool tutorial, thanks!

  4. Leanne

    This is very cool….now you can truly be incognito! My Mia would love one of these.

  5. sgaissert

    Very Grouchoesque!

  6. Melissa

    I’m going to have to show this to Grady and see if he wants a ‘stache of his very own. We are always looking for very short sewing crafts b/c his attention span is so short (and I still have to do all the sewing). They look so scholarly in their ‘staches!

  7. enikő

    What a great and simple idea! Thanks a lot for the tutorial. :)

  8. Such Lovely Freckles

    Wow, I could totally do that. Sweet!

  9. Sara

    Love it! This will make a great addition to our dress-up basket. Thanks!

  10. Kelly

    Too funny!

  11. Green Kitchen

    Most excellent mustache!

  12. Annie

    Omg. I love it. When we get back into town, we are going to have to make a number of styles of moustaches.

    My dh recently grew a moustache simply for the fun of it. They are so often ridiculous and yet NO ONE but myself and my dh laughed about the stach. Go figure.

  13. Shady Lady

    You have the most clever ideas! She looks so adorable!!

  14. Wendy

    So cute! You come up with some really fun projects!

  15. Erin

    Ha, makes me think of Charlie Chaplin. Love her expression in the last pic.

  16. The Blossoming Skillet

    How much fun! It looks so easy to make too.

  17. dongdong

    great pictures!! maybe my daughter will want to try. :) Thanks for the tutorial.

  18. Anet

    Oh my gosh, she looks hilarious!
    So cute!!!
    It’s always good to know how to make a moustache…just in case you need one:)