Waking Up to Rainbows

I love glass crystals, especially the antique chandelier crystals which I find in antique and thrift shops.

I love hanging them in the windows of my house.

It’s so easy to do. I attach the crystals to ribbon.

Screw in small eye screws into the window frame, then tie the ribbons to the screws.

Put them across the entire window for a really whimsical look.

I especially love the ones hanging in the Eastern bedroom windows…..it’s so magical waking up to rainbows!

Now cleaning the crystals is a whole different experience!

32 responses to “Waking Up to Rainbows”

  1. alice

    love this idea. i will be sure to look for crystals when “junking”

  2. sgaissert

    I have some blue crystals I saved from an old lamp. I MUST do this with them. Thank you. Your blog is a beautiful treasure.

  3. Annie

    We have “rainbow makers” in our windows too. Leif is just starting to really to notice them and point out all the rainbows. Hopefully in our new house we’ll have an even better place for the light to catch these crystals.

  4. Adrienne

    What a pretty idea, I always see random chandelier crystal at garage sales and pass them by. Now I’ll be sure to pick them up! :)

  5. Debz

    I love the look of the crystals hanging in your window, very elegant! This blog party is such a great way to meet new people. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week.
    Pop over and say hi sometime. Blessings!

  6. Joy

    Those are beautiful! I enjoy seeing what things make other people’s homes feel like home to them. Thanks for this little peek into yours. :)

  7. kelli

    awesome! I love this idea!

  8. Melissa

    Beautiful! We used to hang single crystals in the windows of my (Montessori) classroom– the children were always delighted on sunny days when “the rainbows were out!”

    This is something that isn’t on my antiquing radar– I’m going to have to change that!

  9. Tara

    Now that is a creative and inspired idea- how lovely they look!

  10. kate

    beautiful. this would be great in my daughters bedroom!

  11. Willo

    I need to get some of these because my guess is they would also be great to keep birds from flying into our windows!

  12. jane

    I also have crystals hanging- a friend told me that they bring positive energy…I think she might be on to something…

  13. Mom and Kiddo

    I agree, rainbows on the walls are wonderful. In the afternoon we get hundreds of them from a piece of hanging glass art in our window. They disappear in the winter months when the sun is too low for the surrounding buildings but they are back now and always cheer me up.

    When he was a baby my son loved watching them dance.

  14. Shady Lady

    What a beautiful touch! I would love to have those to wake up to in the morning. I think I’ll have to start checking out some thrift shops…

  15. Such Lovely Freckles

    Very nice idea. I’d totally hang those up at my bedroom window, but I need the shades closed if I want to sleep at all. No rainbows for me.
    But my daughter would love them in her room. It looks at west, so she’ll have pretty rainbows in the evening.

  16. Tammy

    Simply lovely…

  17. Leanne

    I love them too….it feels like the rainbows just re-energize the air and the house.

  18. sunnymama

    They look so pretty hanging in your window, they must be amazing in the sunshine.

  19. Dawn

    Your windows look so beautiful with all those crystals. You made me want to go hunting for crystals at the antique shop!

  20. Sarah

    I love how that looks. There’s always something so special about seeing little rainbows throughout your home!

  21. Sarahlcc♥

    There is a really beautiful B&B I found through another blog. I thought you might like their chandelier ~ you'll have to scroll through to the last pictures to find it.


  22. Sarahlcc♥

    I love crystals as well, this is a wonderful idea, thank you for sharing.

  23. Jane

    I love this idea~my parents have a crystal chandelier and I always loved all the rainbows growing up!

  24. Anet

    Just makes me happy to see rainbows on dancing on the walls!
    Your window looks so pretty!

  25. Sam

    That is a great idea and it looks wonderful! It reminds me of my late grandmother, with all her crystal chandeliers. I would love all the rainbows everywhere. Thanks for sharing this great idea :)

  26. Artistmama

    Oh, how beautiful! I love this!


  27. Lisa

    They look so pretty in the windows!

  28. rubywill

    What a great idea, they look great.

  29. Erin

    Oh, I love glass crystals too. So pretty! Might have to go on the hunt for some to hang in my bedroom windows. :) Beautiful idea, thank you!

  30. dongdong

    How pretty. My kids get excited whenever they spot a rainbow on the sofa or the wall. :)

  31. Siayla

    You must get a whole room full of rainbows with those lovely windows! They look wonderful!

  32. Sara

    They look so beautiful hanging in the window.