Wishing Tree

Whenever there is an opportunity to make a wish, this family takes full advantage! Today we turned our 35 year old hawthorn tree into our wishing tree. I’m a big believer that if you make too many wishes in one day not a single one will come true….except on the first day of spring! I let the girls wish away!

We gathered ribbon in many spring colors.

Gathered some bells (we are bell fanatics) and cut the ribbon into long pieces……

Grabbed the Sharpies…………..

And wrote our wishes onto the ribbons……………….

We weren’t too greedy with the wishes, we made wishes for our loved ones and strangers in need of a wish…… (I promised the girls that thier wishes wouldn’t be readable to everyone, they like to keep their wishes private….so I had to photograph the backsides).

Sewed bells to the bottom of the ribbons because we know the fairies love the tinkle of bells like us!

Tied the wishes to the Hawthorn tree………….

And watched the wind carry our wishes into the spring air……………

30 responses to “Wishing Tree”

  1. The Magic Onions

    I love this post… inspired us to make wishes on trees this weekend.
    Thanks for sharing on Friday’s Nature table.
    Blessings and magic.

  2. Satsuki Rebel

    What a cute idea! We don’t have a tree to use but we do have a metal railing. I’m adding ribbons to my shopping list.

  3. Jen @ Sunshine4Teachers

    I am in love with your blog…two elementary-aged girls in my house too and, as a former educator, I can’t decide which of your fun activities to do with them first. We’re definitely going to be tackling the PTOE soon with your great activities. I’d love for you to stop by my blog and leave a comment on what teachers really like most for gifts.

  4. Leanne

    This is the most beautiful idea EVER….!!

  5. Motherbird

    What a great idea! Love it!

  6. Mon

    This is so COOL! Lovely thing to do for Spring. I also love that wishes were made for others too.

  7. skymring

    Oh, that is so, so lovely. It was the sound vibrational thing that won me over; the wind moves the bells/bells give off the wish to the wind/wishes is carried away with it… I’d like to try this too. We had a wonderful walk today and are baking a spring cake tomorrow to celebrate the equinox. Can’t wait for spring to come proper!
    Btw, I didn’t make the rose garland – it is one of those chinese light strings, with tiny lightbulbs inside each rose :)

  8. Tan Family

    Beautiful idea! What a wonderful way to welcome spring as a family.

  9. Annie

    That must sound so wonderful with those bells!

  10. junko

    This is such a beautiful idea! I can’t wait to try this with my preschool class! I love your blog!

  11. Artistmama

    What a great tradition!

  12. Melissa

    That is a beautiful idea!

  13. kate

    This is such a great idea! I have a wishing tree wall hanging, that we do the same thing with all year round.

  14. Squinny

    What a lovely idea. I especially like the bells.

  15. Lisa

    What a great idea! So pretty, too! The tree looks quite happy too!

  16. Such Lovely Freckles

    Now, here is something I might actually be able to do with my kids… you know, given the fact, that I’m not a very creative person and all. This sounds like a lot of fun. And the whole fairy thing is going to have my daughter jump up and down.

  17. Dawn

    Cute idea! :)

  18. Tammy

    What a sweet idea. Hope the wishes come true!!

  19. kristen

    Oh, I LOVE this! We are going to have to take your lead and do this in our yard. Fantastic.

  20. Jennifer

    I love it. What a great idea.

  21. Erin

    What a wonderful idea! I’m sure the ribbons look beautiful blowing in the breeze. :)

  22. Sarah

    How pretty! What a neat tradition!

  23. Joy

    What a beautiful way to celebrate the first day of spring! I love it.

  24. Pink & Green Mama

    Oh…I love this so much!! I’m trying to figure out which tree in my yard we could do this with. The crazy lady who previously owned our house cut down all of our trees so I’ve been planting little ones– I wonder if they can handle some extra wishes?

    Happy First day of spring!

  25. Sherry

    What a beautiful idea! I’m sure this will be one of so many wonderful memories your children will carry with them forever. :)

  26. Shady Lady

    This is so cool! I know a Princess who loves fairies and would just love this idea. As usual…thanks!

  27. jumbleberryjam

    I can’t think of a better use for wind! Happy Spring! May all your wishes come to be.

  28. sunnymama

    How lovely! Hope your wishes come true!

  29. dongdong

    awww, how sweet. I have been waiting for you to post all day. :)) I knew it would be something fantastic.

  30. Anet

    This is so sweet! I hope all your wishes come true:)