Felty Giveaway from a Leprechaun

You caught a little Leprechaun, now he must grant you your wish…..take a look, note your first and second choices. There are options to choose from so be sure to read each description. To enter you must leave me a comment stating your first and second choices or your name won’t be included in the drawing (if you have trouble commenting let me know via email). The leprechaun wilI pick 2 lucky winners on St. Patrick’s Day, Tuesday, March 17 and will post the winners here, at 5 Orange Potatoes, Tuesday night. :) Here are the choices………..

Ginkgo Leaf Brooch

Evergreen Love Tree, you choose pendant or brooch

Fawn Brooch

Lucky Ladybug or Acorn Pendant

Blowing in the Wind Tree Pendant, choose from the following colors

Little Mushroom, you choose brooch or hairpin

Overseas? Include yourselves too. 😉 GIVEAWAY CLOSED

63 responses to “Felty Giveaway from a Leprechaun”

  1. kaya

    this is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. nettlejuice

    I might be too late and with so may comments I most likely haven’t got a chance, but I love your little creations. The ginko is my favorite because I nearly worship the ancient and healing tree. I would have to say the mushroom hairpin would be my second fav. Beautiful work!

  3. Lisa

    Thank you everyone for the nice comments! :)

  4. angela

    kind, not king, sorry!
    but you can be king if you want to!

  5. angela

    They are so lovely!
    My choices are:
    1. fawn brooch (for my 8 yo animal lover)
    2. mushroom hairpin (for my 2yo’s hair in face problem)!

    Thank you for being such a king little leprechaun!
    Your blog is such a lovely place to visit!
    I will be back often!

  6. Toni

    these are so cute its hard ro choose a favorite, but I would say 1. the fawn, and 2, the mushroom.

    All of thee are so sweet.

  7. Kathleen

    How beautiful! I would love the ginko brooch or the evergreen love brooch. THANKS!

  8. crazyestonian

    First of, I have to say that I love your mushroom brooch tutorial. I have made brooches myself but it never occurred to me to add an extra piece on the back with running stitch to hide all the stitching and knots. I have just worked on keeping the back side super neat, your method is so much faster!

    I would love to get a fawn or ginko leaf brooch from a leprechaun :)

  9. sybilbrun

    ok this is probably going to crack you up, but i changed my mind, that’s how hard the decision was!
    ….i like lucky ladybug pendant and mushroom hair pin the best! 😉

  10. sybilbrun

    They are all beautiful, but I especially love the lucky ladybug pendant and the evergreen love tree pendant!

  11. Pink & Green Mama

    It’s Mean to make us pick favorites.

    But if you insist…
    1. Felt Fawn.
    2.Gingko leaf….
    and 3. Acorn Pendant

    …so there.
    I never follow all of the rules! 😉

  12. icybooh

    Are you kidding me?! I absolutely love your felt creations and am so excited to have a chance to win one! Thank you thank you for offering these. Now the hard part … to choose which two. My favorites are the (1) Evergreen Love Tree Brooch (for the nature lover in me) and the (2) Ginkgo Leaf Brooch (for the herbalist in me) .

    Whom ever wins your creations will have the luck of the Irish!

  13. Hippy Goodwife

    They are beautiful! The fawn would be my first choice, followed by the mushroom. So sweet!