Melting Rainbows

Last night we made colorful ice for today’s rainbows (food coloring and water)…..

We dropped our colorful ice into canola oil……………

We watched the ice float in the oil…………….

Then we patiently watched to see what the ice would do as it melted……………

Ahhhh melting rainbows………………………..

We also decided to do some rainbow painting with the ice……….

Another fun rainbow day!!!!!!! Also, head over to see Peggy at Skip the Chips. She will direct you to an incredible rainbowy cake!

Oil tip- after the water settles at the bottom of the glasses, slowly dump the oil back into the original container for future science activities.

17 responses to “Melting Rainbows”

  1. Tami Tripp

    I’ve seen this done with food items to color…well sort of food…like tang. After you make the ice you can make ice sculptures outside with them. If you use tang it won’t stain when it melts and the color is pretty cool.

    Love your ideas.

  2. Sam

    This is fantastic! I would love to do this with my little ones. Your blog is so slick and your photos are gorgeous!

  3. Dawn

    Very neat!

    Glad you had a peaceful start to the day, hope it carried through the whole day~


  4. Peggy

    I agree with jumbleberryjam — I would definitely buy your book! And I know if you dusted off your sewing machine, you would make the most amazing things. You’re too clever not to! I would love to take a sewing class, i need to do that!

  5. Felicia

    Cool. Love the dripping, bleeding hearts :)

  6. Mom and Kiddo

    I am definitely bookmarking this idea to do with my son as a science project.

  7. Shannon

    how fun and how messy! I can’t wait to try. :-)

  8. Lisa

    No, I don’t have one particular place I find ideas. I really rack my brain to embellish old ideas and make them my own. I also LOVE the challenge of coming up with new original ideas…keeps my mind working! :)

    Thanks jumble, I would love to write a book…maybe some day!

  9. Leanne

    Always such beautiful ideas here and so much delicious colour!

  10. Backwoods Boogie

    What a wonderful idea. I’m going to try this tomorrow – thanks!

  11. Tammy

    Looks like a really fun week going on at your house. :)

  12. Such Lovely Freckles

    Wow, that is so very cool. I don’t have such great ideas. Why do other people have such fabulous ideas… why not me? Why can’t I be just a little creative???

  13. Anet

    I love all this rainbow fun going on!!!

  14. Joy

    Great project! Do you think all these up on your own or do you have some kind of resource that you draw from?

  15. Sherry

    ooooh…melting rainbows! very cool!!

  16. dongdong

    That’s a very cool idea!

  17. jumbleberryjam

    WHERE?!? Do you get these brilliant ideas? You are a genius! I’ll buy your book!!