Bright Rainbow Window Hangs

You need dyed wagon wheel pasta in colors of the rainbow, glue, wax paper, marker, paper, and yarn. ( I dyed the pasta with food coloring and a little rubbing alcohol, let pasta sit in the mixture for about an hour, then rinse and let dry overnight.)

Draw a rainbow on a half sheet of paper. The rainbow doesn’t need to be perfect, only the outside line is the guide to placing the noodles.

Place a piece of wax paper over the drawing.

Flood the rainbow with a lot of glue (the glue is put on the wax paper).

Starting with the outside line, place the red noodles. Make sure the noodles touch each other and they are in the glue.

Finish the red, then move on to the next color, then the next. Try to get the noodles touching on all sides.


Let dry overnight. Cut the wax paper around the rainbow and discard. Don’t try to peel the wax paper off the back, I have done this and experienced bad results! Poke two holes on the top, between the red and orange lines, string yarn through and you’re good to go!

***Little note….prior to this project the ladies had fun making rainbows without the glue. I would walk into the kitchen and find rainbows all over the counter! :)

19 responses to “Bright Rainbow Window Hangs”

  1. Cecilia Ko

    wonderful and easy to make for the little ones to enjoy. Thanks for sharing and I love your blog!!!

  2. Kellie

    HI there! It’s about time I tell you how much I love your blog. Thank you for sharing all of your fabulous ideas. I am always so inspired when I visit. We just recently made some rainbows from your tutorial:

    Thank you, thank you!!

  3. SkylarKD

    Pasta, even. Darn typos!

  4. SkylarKD

    Love it! I will definitely be dying some pasts to use in crafts with my daughter!

  5. sunnymama

    Really pretty! Thanks for the instructions, I’d love to make one with sunnyboy.

  6. Crescent Moon

    That is such a cool looking sun catcher!

  7. Mama King

    I Love this! It is so beautiful and tactile!!! Thanks for the idea. I am going to link to your site and rave about this project after we try out ourselves. I love finding other crafty Mamas through Crafty Crow!

  8. Lisa

    I have been wanting to try dying pasta! I love these rainbows, so cheerful!

  9. Dawn


    I have been meaning to dye some pasta…my little guy loves to make necklaces to give to all his friends.

  10. Peggy

    Our house loves rainbows, too! Super fun projects here.

  11. Tara

    This looks like fun and it requires glue so Owen would love it :0)

  12. Cheryl

    Those pasta rainbows are just wonderful!! So colorful, bright, and cheery!!
    That must have been a LOT of fun to make!!

  13. Shona Leah

    oh now that is just so fun!!

  14. Tammy

    Oh, what fun! I’m having a great time here on your blog tonight. :)

    I’m going to have to do this with Kayla…I just know she’d love it.

    Also…I’d love to hear more of what your girls learned about their bead bracelets when they wore them on your vacation. Did the sunscreen really work and such?

  15. Chele

    That looks like so much fun. We need a little color around here. Definitely going to give this a try!

  16. Artistmama

    How fun and beautiful!

  17. Joy

    Cute project!!

  18. Anet

    Very pretty!
    The pasta is so vibrant.

  19. jumbleberryjam

    We’re huge in to wheel pasta here, but I never thought of crafting with it! Any recommendations of where to get cheap crafting pasta/foods?