Friendship Dolls

Araina came up with this creative and generous idea on her own….Friendship Dolls Araina Style…

We have cabinets FULL of things to get creative with. While Fauna was reading “A Little Princess” to me, Araina wanted to go off and create on her own. She found this…..

And this…….
And this………

I caught her in the act of doing this……

And this…………

Just look at the lovely little Friendship People she made to share with her friends. By the way, Fauna loved the idea and made a few too, but did not want her picture taken today!

I soooo love the unplanned creative moments in life!!!!!

17 responses to “Friendship Dolls”

  1. Mom, M.Ed. (Jessica)

    Oh my goodness…your Friendship Dolls remind me of Benjamin's Poodunk Family!!!

    Have you seen "their" blog (I think it's listed in my profile)…they are a little wooden family I made for him–they live in his Melissa & Doug dollhouse!

    Hee hee…they are like the cousins to your little girls' dolls!!

  2. Sunny

    Ariana, I like your friendship dolls.

  3. Anonymous

    very nice blog…my kids go to Waldorf and many of these activities are part of their curriculum–felting, finger puppets, wishing tree.

  4. Peggy

    What a perfect set of friends. I have got to get our wooden peg doll supply up to snuff!

  5. Louise

    Those little dolls are just lovely and what a clever and creative little girl you have Lisa.

    My Fig trees have been here since before white man has been in Australia- :-) they are native to this area and we estimate them to be over 400 years old- but we are just guessing.

  6. Leanne

    Just delightful!!

  7. Erin

    Great idea! I’m gonna keep this project in mind.

  8. Jimena

    Hi Lisa, your blog is full on inspiration.
    I admire to you and all American women who share their ideas and creativity in their blogs, you are my teachers.
    Thanks for visit my blog too.

  9. Stephanie

    Hi Lisa.
    I’m featuring this one on Growing Naturally.

  10. Tammy

    Love it!!!

  11. dongdong

    adorable. I think my daughter will love this. You always have great ideas! If you don’t mind sharing, can you tell me how old are your children?

  12. Cheryl

    How very cute these friendship people are!! I’m sure her friends will just love them!!

  13. Stephanie

    These are so darling!!

  14. Anet

    These are so sweet. Very creative and I just bet her friends will love them:)
    Thanks for stopping in at my blog, I’m always glad to meet other homeschooling families!

  15. Sherry

    …love this! :)

  16. The Magic Onions

    Wow, Lisa, she’s amazing… my favourite is the one wrapped up warm and cozy in a white wool dress.
    Thank you for passing on the Tree of Happiness to me… I am working on my post for it. It’s a lovely award to get and I am very honored… thank you.

  17. Tan Family

    What lovely little friends she created! You have such a creative family. :)