Felty Hedgehog Brooch

I made this little guy a few months back for my youngest hedgehog fan. He has a purple and pink sister that has been misplaced by her 7yo owner! Hmmmmm………..where could she be? Maybe the 7yo could find her if she cleaned her room properly (including under the bed)!

4 responses to “Felty Hedgehog Brooch”

  1. Jeanene Tremoulet

    I made two of these little hedgehogs for my sons, they love them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Peggy

    Hedgie! I absolutely love your felt hedgie! Pinned to a winter jacket would be the perfect way to get through the last of winter and clear away the doldrums.

  3. Ladybugs and Dandelions

    Lisa, TY for the nomination for the Lemonade Award! :)

  4. Adrienne

    V. cute, I love all of your small felt projects :)