13 responses to “Rosewater Cookies”

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    […] Valentine rosewater cookies- a yummy and refreshing cookie made with a splash of rosewater. […]

  2. dongdong

    wow, my tonic for my face use rose water. I didn’t know you can buy the actual water at middle eastern store. I’d have to check that out. Thank you.

  3. onegoldensun

    The most wonderful drink that I have ever had was a rosewater coooler (it had iced tea, maybe some juice?) in it at a little Mediterranean restaurant in Ashland, Oregon. :)

  4. onegoldensun

    Thank you so much for sharing the rosewater cookie recipe. They sound divine! And this is a German cookie that I have not tried before. I am a huge rosewater (rose anything) fan as well! Lovely blog, I can’t wait to read more.

  5. Mom and Kiddo

    I have an entire bottle of rosewater that I have never opened because I don’t know what to use it for. Now I have an idea!

  6. Ladybugs and Dandelions

    Lisa, that is so sweet. Littles say the cutest things!

  7. Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

    YUM!!!! I am so going to make these cookies! I was introduced to rosewater for the first time in the Middle East when I lived there. I went to visit someone’s house and they had a big refreshing cooler of water – we were all so thirsty. I took a BIG gulp and realized it was water infused with a few caps of rosewater! A strange surprise. I later learned that rosewater helps refresh you in the heat. They also put it in the milk and make rosewater puddings. An aquired taste…but once you acquire it…lovely!

  8. Lisa

    5 Orange Potatoes is a name that my youngest came up with. She loves the word potatoe and told me I should name my blog “5 Orange Potatoes”….I agreed!

    These are very delicious cookies…especially if you love lemon. The lemon overpowers the rosewater a bit…I would decrease the lemon to 1t and increase the rosewater by a 1/2t if you want more of a rosewater taste.

  9. Adrienne

    I am definitely going to make those cookies, they look heavenly.

  10. The Magic Onions

    What a great Valentine idea… aah, so many cool things to do!

  11. Leanne

    Oh my how I adore rosewater too!! For toning, spritzing, jelly, syrup…turkish delight! Thanks for the recipe…how divine…I have a bottle waiting that I can use right now!

  12. Ladybugs and Dandelions

    Your blog has a very unique name. How’d you come up with it?

  13. Ladybugs and Dandelions

    Love the scent of Rosewater.