Making Snow Cream

With a lot of fresh snow on the ground we thought, “What a perfect day for snow cream!” Here’s whatcha need:
1 gallon snow, 1 cup milk (we used soy), 1 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon vanilla
Go outside and get some snow, preferably not the yellow kind!

Put all of the ingredients into a large bowl.

Stir with a whisk.

And finally taste.

It keeps in the freezer for about a day or so, but is best when eaten fresh! Enjoy!

7 responses to “Making Snow Cream”

  1. melissa

    Love your post today! We made snow ice cream too! Lots of fun! Miss you, Lisa!

  2. Beth

    Ooooo. This looks fun. We’ll do it! We are eagerly awaiting the next great snow! love, Beth

  3. Debbie

    Oh…thank you for the reminder. I wanted to make snow cream this year and since we now have SO much snow…it’s the perfect time. Isaac’s been eating it (snow) anyway…might as well bring it in and spruce it up. Thanks Lisa. -Debbie

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  5. Lisa

    Ha! My husband, aka Chiklittle and anonymous, thinks he’s very funny!

  6. ChickLittle

    Have you tried it with chicken? My family always makes snow cream with chicken or beef. It is awesome.

  7. Anonymous

    I like snow.