Dried Herbal Bouquets


I find that fall, due to the mild weather it brings, is a perfect time to go outside and collect plants. Though summer is more recognized for it’s flora, some plants, such as goldenrod, bloom exclusively in the fall. Going outside and seeing how nature changes from season to season can be magical, even just a short walk can bring many gifts. I love to gather flowers on my walks so I can hang pretty herbal bundles in my room, they are little bits of fall to enjoy when the cold, gray winter months hit.


Suspension Glitter Pendants

final 4
Since Valentine’s day is coming up, I thought that I would make some glitter pendants for my cousin and sister. They love pink, so pink glitter was an obvious choice to use in the pendants. Glitter pendants are not just pretty but a great way to teach about suspension as well.

Supplies to Gather:

-glass jar with cork stopper (I bought mine from amazon)
-corn syrup or vegetable glycerin
-eye screw


Bubble Science and Recipes

What is it about bubbles that is so captivating to the young and old alike? Is it their beauty that is there for only a brief moment? Is it that they float with little effort before hitting the ground? Or is it their simplicity? I think Grover from Sesame Street explains the love of bubbles best in his poem- “Ode to a Bubble”

Little bubble round and fair,
Floating slowly through the air,
The wind blows you hither yon,
Then you POP-
You are all gone!
You last for a teeny while,
But while you do,
you make me SMILE.




diy mini moss garden using tea cups or vintage planter

Hi there, with the warm spring and summer months upon us, you can always count on a beautiful green carpet of moss to welcome the warmer seasons!

Moss facts: moss is important to the survival of many tiny creatures and many types of birds find it useful for their nests. One interesting fact about moss is that it contains a special chemical that keeps reindeer’s blood from freezing so they eat it on a regular basis. Moss has the ability to “desiccate” meaning they can dry out for a long period of time without dying.

moss garden

moss garden in a vintage planter

Making a moss garden is easy! Go outside in your yard and find some goodies to put in your little garden.

We used:
tea cups and vintage planters
seed starting soil
moss (we have a large area of moss in our yard found on the north side of our house, moss grows in damp places with little sun)
various nature items

moss garden diy

supplies for mini moss garden


mossman in a milkweed boat

Directions for the moss garden:

1. Put seed soil into the teacup, don’t fill it to the top, leave room for the moss.
2. Lightly mist the soil so it is wet, not drenched.
3. Add your layer of moss.
4. Mist the moss.
5. Have fun decorating your moss garden.
6. Put your moss garden in a windowsill where it receives a little bit of sunlight, they like shade so keep that in mind. Mist it a few times a week keeping the soil moist but not drenched. If it dries out, place the moss in bowl of water for an hour and it should spring back to shape.

moss garden

For more moss related activities visit: moss graffiti  or marimo moss ball terrarium.

That’s all, Lisa

Budding Herbalists’ Community

Hi there! Some herby friends and I have started a wonderful community of herbalists. Budding Herbalists is a place to learn, talk, question, and share information and wisdom about the beneficial qualities of herbs. Have a question, ask it, share something you have learned, an article you enjoyed, or a recipe you have tried. Beginner or learned herbalists, we are all budding herbalists.

budding herbalists

Head over to Budding Herbalists now to join a wonderful community of plant lovers!

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Making a flower essence- crabapple blossom

Crabapple flower essence is for times you feel polluted for mental, physical, or spiritual reasons. If you feel the need to cleanse or purify, crabapple essence is the perfect flower remedy and so easy to make!

crabapple and dandelion harvest


You will need:
Fresh crabapple blossoms, enough to fill the surface the bowl
*spring or mineral water (about a cup to 2 cups)
*glass bowl
*3fl. oz. amber bottles
* 1 1/2 oz. brandy
*natural and unbleached filter paper
*mason jar

Cleanliness is vital to avoid contamination so all utensils used need to be sterilized. I lined my harvest basket with plantain leaves to transport or you could pick the flowers and put them into the water immediately, on site.

Properly ID flowers and pick when the flowers are first coming into bloom. Choose a cloudless, warm, and sunny day. The best time of day to harvest is after the flowers are dry from the morning dew, between 9:00am and noon.

As with any plant you use for herbal remedies, pick with respect, pick the flowers you are drawn to from every angle.


flower essence 1


*Pick the flowers and put them in the spring or mineral water as soon as possible.
*Float the flowers on top of the water until the whole surface is covered.
*Leave the bowl outside where it will receive direct sunlight for at least 3 hours, I like to keep the bowl close to the original plant I picked the flowers from.
*Bring the bowl inside and filter out the flowers, smell the water, you should smell a floral scent.


flower essence 2


*Fill a 3fl. oz. amber bottle half way with the brandy, then fill to the top with the floral essence. The brandy is a preservative and an “anchor” to hold the essence energy in the water,
*Label the essence and store it in a cool dark location. It should keep for years if utensils were sterlized.


crabapple essence


This is the Mother Essence (stock concentrate, undiluted) and can be taken under the tongue or diluted in water or tea. A very hot tea dilution will evaporate the alcohol if you are concerned about the alcohol.

Read more about and how to take crabapple flower essence and others here.

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